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FREYA share new music video, feat. Freddy Cricien of MADBALL, new album is out

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Pioneering hardcore band FREYA has debuted their highly anticipated video for the track “Fight As One,” in collaboration with hardcore legend Freddy Cricien from MADBALL. The release is part of the celebrations marking the launch of their album, also titled “Fight As One,” now available via Upstate Records.

As FREYA approaches the monumental 20th anniversary of their inaugural release, “As the Last Light Drains” (released under Victory Records in 2003), their latest offering is a powerful nod to their origins, brimming with intense energy and passion.

The new video, which can be viewed here, encapsulates the turbulent times the world currently faces.

Commenting on the track, the band said, “From our perspective, things are undeniably and unusually chaotic in recent times. ‘Fight as One’ is an acknowledgment of that reality.” They further explained that the song underscores the idea that adversity solidifies genuine friendships, and with Freddy Madball’s dynamic lyrics and powerhouse vocals, the track resonates even more profoundly.

Notably, FREYA’s latest album boasts collaborations with revered hardcore frontmen. Besides Freddy Cricien’s striking performance on “Fight As One,” Jamey Jasta from HATEBREED is featured in “Sense of Doom,” and Scott Vogel from TERROR shines in “Thousand Yard Stare.”


Originating from Syracuse, NY, FREYA was established in 2001 and included three stalwarts from EARTH CRISIS: bassist Ian Edwards, lead guitarist Eric Edwards, and vocalist Karl Buechner. Following a hiatus in EARTH CRISIS, members branched out to form three distinct bands. While FREYA emerged as one entity, other members like percussionist Dennis Merrick and guitarist Scott Crouse went on to establish SLAVE ONE. Concurrently, all five members of EARTH CRISIS reincarnated their project band, PATH OF RESISTANCE.

Over the past two decades, FREYA has made a significant mark on the global hardcore and metal scene. Their distinctive sound, a harmonious blend of dark New York-style hardcore infused with hints of thrash metal, has garnered them features in renowned platforms like MTV’s Room Raiders, Road Rules, Headbangers Ball, and Showtime’s Shameless. FREYA’s vast discography, soon to welcome their seventh release, “Fight As One,” has been lauded by major publications such as Kerrang!, Decibel, Amp, and Metal Hammer.

Erick Edwards of Final Word Fanzine remarked on the band’s versatility, saying, “FREYA is the perfect vehicle for us to cross over sonically into uncharted regions, combining styles and retelling the timeless tales of heroes and villains from both history and folklore.”

FREYA’s illustrious journey includes countless concerts, festivals, and successful worldwide tours. Over the years, they’ve toured alongside bands like WALLS OF JERICHO, ALL SHALL PERISH, BORN FROM PAIN, and SWORN ENEMY and have graced the stage with icons like ANDREW WK, NAPALM DEATH, DRI, BEHEMOTH, CROWBAR, and HATEBREED.

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