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VOLENTE BEACH (members of Deaf Club, Glassing) removes the rose-tinted glasses look at modern society with thick riffed new single “Hydra Delete”

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Looking to address humanity’s desire to vacation away from the reality of the atomic age we all find ourselves in, VOLENTE BEACH draws from up tempo hardcore, noise, thrash and metal paired with imagery of beaches, death and nuclear weaponry to forge new ground in aggressive music with their first offering Sounds Of The Ocean.

Provoking audiences and listeners to remove the rose tinted sunglasses of modern society to take a harsh look at the world of today in hopes of encouraging honest conversations of how best to pick up the reins of society and steer away from the ever-advancing cliff of our collective demise, while the Doomsday Clock ticks closer to midnight.

VOLENTE BEACH features members of Deaf Club, Glassing, Exhalants, Vampyre, and Honey & Salt.

Volente Beach

What is the lyrical meaning of Hydra Delete?

Zac – Being a band from Texas and not talking politics would be like woodblock prints without Mount Fuji. Lyrically we compare the clearly bigoted corrupt politicians, greedy corporate elite

and the backwards fascist christians to the mythical creature the hydra. The multi-headed virus that brings chaos to our everyday life that needs to be deleted.

What are the sonic inspirations for Volente beach?

Austin – Volente Beach was first conceived with myself and Zac both on bass guitar, but after one practice we realized most of our ideas would be better served with us playing guitars. Our sound came together quickly once we made the switch by drawing largely from dissonant hardcore, noise and metal played through solid state amplifiers. Songs typically start with chaotic and frenzied blasting, locked to driving rhythm guitar, seasoned with skronky dissonant leads, all knotted together with fierce and metallic bass-lines.

Zac – Yeah basically Austin or I will have a song idea. I try and bring a hardcore black metal thing to the table. Then Austin balances me out with pitch shifting angular type riffs. Then Scott throws his crazy drum style into the mix that sets the structure. We’ll have parts that, in my head, will be like a whole different thing then Scott will like do an insane blast over it and it just changes the whole vibe- it’s rad. Lastly, Bill kinda just shows up and adds these crazy bass lines that are completely different from what we are doing. It’s a really cool way to write music and sonically it’s like a puzzle that calls for multiple listens.

What’s the Austin music scene like? and what bands should people know about?

Zac – We’re kinda on our own loner shit but The DIY aspect of Austin seems to be back pretty hard after the pandemic. Lots of shows in places that normally would not have them. Venues are all open up again as well and seem to be back to where things once were. This city has lots of good bands and lots of micro-scenes. We have a few hometown heroes like Impalers and Portrayal Of Guilt. Any band Mike Sharp (Impalers) is in is incredible. Same goes for Matt King (POG) his sonic approach and eye for aesthetics is impeccable. Lots of good underground bands as well. I really like Laffer, God Shell, and Blank Hellscape. But I think we all can agree Fuck Money is our favorite local band. I can’t wait to see where they take that band and in my eyes they have the opportunity to be icons and change the game. They also have fucked with us since day one which I’m eternally grateful for.

What’s next for Volente Beach?

Scott – Well right now we’ve mixed our first EP, Sounds of the Ocean, and are currently looking for labels to put it out. We’re working on our next EP/LP right now too.

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