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VVHILE release debut album!

VVhile was founded in Belgrade in June of 2011 by Andrija Spicanovic and Stevan Cirovic. What started as a punk rock outfit suddenly overgrown its boundaries into experimental noise and pop sound. Shamelessly, they will connect the harshness of abrasive guitar sounds with falsetto singing, seductive drumming with something that will annihilate your ears with atmospheric noise landscapes.

In June 2012. EP titled VVhile is Vanity was released in limited edition of black and white copies by Twintoe records from Germany, Napravi zaedno from Macedonia and Jazz Chairs from Serbia. The same EP has been repressed in US by Dirt Cult records in October of 2013.
In November of 2012 they had played live radio show as the part of Festival of International Student Theatre which was video and audio recorded and released on cassette tape in November 2013 by Twintoe records and Mouca in Germany and Portugal.

Now they are here with their LP debut “MORE” which contains 10 songs that perfectly frame their work in the last three years.
Their first single “Wrong Face Wrong Palm” announced the album release on 28th of October. Three remixes done by one of the most prominent names in Serbian electronic music scene, HETEM, Thinker and Mars Flowers.

Video for the same song was shooted and directed by Marija Radosavljevic, Marija Ninkovic and Veljko Stojanovic.

Vinyl available in February 2015 on:
Dirtcult Records (USA)
Twintoe Records (Germany)
Pop Depresija (Serbia)
Numavi Records (Austria)
Jazz Chairs

“What can one get when you join guitar, effects, pedals, drums, two vocals, noise, drones and pop melody? The honest and only true answer would be – nobody knows! These moments of uncertainty are what makes VVhile so distinct. Andrija and Stevan are “veterans” who played in many bands with DIY reputation, but this journey that they are taking now with VVhile can take them into completely other world. This journey of theirs can be described as a distance “from No Age to No Fun” but also a distance “from Ragged Glory to Teenage Riot”. Everything is possible and depends on an angle of a listener.

After many concerts that I have seen from the beginning of VVhile, I honestly want that pop music defeats noise, or that psychedelic sound overrule analog-digital tapestry, or that songs start to sound like the Beatles on speed. But then again, why would anyone wanted to sound like I imagined?
Their progress as musicians and authors are evident on each concert and each piece of a new song you hear. This commitment and passion in their music makes that at the same time they sound “modern” and antique as the lost vinyl from “Sub Pop Singles”.

Do yourself a favor – go see what they might transmit to you live, they are one step from really big things! Easily they became my favorite “local” band!” Ivan Loncarevic (Pop Depression)

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