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WAKE THE DEAD – “Cold Thing” video

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French melodic hardcore band WAKE THE DEAD tease their new album on Demons Run Amok Entertainment, to be released on May 27th. The band has just released a new video for the song  “Cold Thing”, directed by Theo Sauvage. Watch below and stay tuned for more new tracks!

someone please can help me?
someone please can bring me?
turn the lights down low

tonight death comes for me.
she wants to take my life.
that is my trouble

the only thing I need.
is to see your blood.
on my hands.
on this picture.

I feel like a bad guy.
everything reminds me of your smile.
I’m crazy
I feel in a bad mood.
every eye wants to kill me.
finish me.

that’s why I need to scream this madness.
I regret nothing, none at all.
I’m not sad, I do not feel anything.
I look for a quiet place,

I’m alone in this car.
your head in a bag.
some blood on my jacket.
some blood, your head

you are alone in this trap.
your head in this bag.
all is grey in this desert.
some blood

I’m alone in this car.
your head in a bag.
some blood on my jacket.

rain and thunder.
this cold blood.
I love this taste in my mouth.

explode this love.
make it true.
I take all I need.

About the band:

Wake The Dead (France/Marseille) is punk Hardcore band mainly influenced by bands such as Comeback Kid, Have Heart, Verse, Defeater, More Than Life, Miles Away… After 6 years, and a first show the 06 February 2010, WTD played more than 250 shows in 28 different countries between Europe and Asia (Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Czech Republic, Danemark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Japan, Monaco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Thaïland, Wales) and had the chance to share the stage with bands with an international reputation in Punk and Hardcore such as Propagandhi, No Turning Back, Ritual, Cruel Hand, Anchor, No Friends, Death By Stereo, Nine Eleven, Lasting Traces, Birds in Row, A Wilhelm Scream, NUFAN, Strung Out, Hoods… The first album of the band titled «The Things We Can’t Forget» (12 tracks/cd), was released in February 2011. The band continued with the release of a 6 title EP «Meaningless Expectations» (vinyl version), in March 2012. A new album “Under the Mask” (12 songs) will be released the 27th may 2016 on Demons Run Amok (Germany)

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