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Warsaw metalcore band LAST PENANCE share fresh new crusher “New Dawn”

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“New Dawn”, the newest power single from Warsaw, Poland based LAST PENANCE, has landed online. The track comes as a standalone single that presents the band’s perspective on how corporations exploit us relentlessly in an inhumane pursuit of money and power.

Check it out on streaming services and watch a new visualizer above.

“The song calls for change in the corporate mentality, where you are forced into a “lane” in which you need to fit and give all your time and energy, while getting little in return, mostly keeping the guys on the top rich.” – explains the band.

“This system is unstainable and due for a change.”

As LAST PENANCE are in the process of recording their second LP, they have decided to release a single to appease their fans while they wait for the new full offering.

If anyone happens to be in Warsaw over the weekend, please stop by Hydrozagadka on Sunday and witness the debut live performance of “New Dawn”.


The charge is set to go

I can’t stay in my lane
It was never a good fit
There is nothing to be gained
in accepting being sold bit by bit
We can wait
For an opening in your guard
And you will rue the day
When you decided to steal our part

On and on
We Keep on pushing hoping to make a dent in the wall
On and on
Until one day we will see it crumble and fall
On and On
We keep on clawing at the wall
On and on
Through the breaks we see the light of a new dawn

The rules were set
While the ruled were nowhere in sight
All your targets are met
While we toil day and night

You keep on paying in our sweat,
And we already took our last blow
The charge is set
It’s time to go

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Mixed and mastered by @marcinbuzniak (Axis Audio)

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