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Washington D.C.’s ILSA premiere Preyer title track as full-length nears release via Relapse Records

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Cvlt Nation is currently streaming “Preyer,” the latest single from Washington D.C.’s ILSA. The mauling new tune comes off the band’s sixth full-length of the same name, set for release November 20th via Relapse Records.

Comments frontman Orion. “Theres a long battle ahead and little time for platitudes, old aches, and pains that slow the pace. ‘Preyer’ is simple and forceful, our spell for Hell on Earth.”

Cvlt Nation champions, “a sludge-infused sonic can of filth,” adding, “[ILSA] takes all d-tuned genres and morphs them into a putrid audio tapestry that weaves everything from d-beat to blues to rock ‘n’ roll into the fabric of their songs! … ILSA’s songs are caustic storms of hate…”

View the band’s recently issued “Shibboleth” video HERE.

On Preyer, ILSA embraces sonic pummeling like never before. Recorded as the world shuttered away in 2020, the band harnessed the fears and uncertainties of troubled times and used these as driving forces for their unnerving metal’s raw, chaotic, and whipping intensity. The result is a new full-length that delivers overdoses of crushing doom and menacing death metal.

The ghost of the Satanic murderer Sean Sellers still haunts ILSA. The notorious killer was the first and remains the only person executed in the U.S. for a crime committed under the age of 17 since the reinstatement of the death penalty in 1976. “These songs were written with his life in mind,” the band states. “Sean’s story is an exploitative intersection of religious, media, and state authority, culminating in his 1999 execution for murders committed in a state of self-described ‘Demonic Possession.'”

ILSA band by Maire O'Sullivan
ILSA band by Maire O’Sullivan

But make no mistake, Preyer is not simply a narrative or concept album. Remaining true to ILSA’s punk ethos, Preyer serves as a cathartic condemnation of a Christo-fascist society, a corrupt class dimension, and the evil cruelty behind it all. “Preyer is a wringing of these themes for the sweat and stink. Power’s destructive force, love, and other extremist positions, religious fanaticism, depression and mental illness, social order, and control.” In the midst of the darkness that continues to take hold, ILSA remains observant and pull no punches. With tracks such as “Poor Devil,” “Shibboleth,” and the album’s title track, the band are poised to release one of the year’s most vicious offerings from the underground.

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