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Barcelona spacey post hardcore virtuosos ÀNTEROS explain new masterpiece “…y en paz la oscuridad”

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Barcelona experimental post rock / post hardcore ensemble ÀNTEROS have once again crafted a niche-defining album that serves as a much needed moment of reflection. “…y en paz la oscuridad” advances the psot hardcore sound forward in a distinctive, exciting, and unique direction and marks a unique treasure that shouldn’t be overlooked. Today, we’re giving it a special attention with the band’s first hand track by track commentary and IDIOTEQ-exclusive explanation of the inspirations behind this great offering.

The full album is also available on Aloud Music Ltd.

“The main inspiration for this record is the death of Victor’s (the guitarist) father years ago. We wanted to approach the concept of not letting someone go; to be attached to his memories but also wanting to ease the pain. It’s a shame how can this be applied in our day by day in this world of pandemic.” – comments the band.

“On a musical level we wanted to keep our identity as a band but adding a feeling of sadness and gloom to the songs. We also tried to experiment a little bit by exploring other genres and mixing them with classic Ànteros sound.”

Anteros cover

Track by track commentary, by lyricists Endika & Rubén

Espectros – The loss of someone important and the process to transform the pain into something positive.

Cenizas – Collapse of the modern society. We know we’re doing it wrong and still don’t change anything. We humans are a cancer.

Solo mar, solo tierra – Failed relationships. Should i give up or keep trying? Why do i take the risk if i’m okay on my own?

Sombras – Leave everything behind to start afresh. Still, it’s painful to look back. Mixed feelings because of good and bad memories.

Escorpión – We all have an idealized night with someone special in our minds. That night when we would have left everything behind to spend the rest of our lives with that person.

Ultravioleta – Anxiety, depression or mental breakdowns might feel like drowning in water. Lights turn off around you. As you go deep in water, violet is the last visible color.

Asked about their take on the pandemic crisis and the limitation cause by the harsh cituation, the band;s bass player Mau and drummer Oscar commented: “The pandemic has been a tough blow indeed. The practice rooms were closed in Barcelona until May due to the lockdown. And we were supposed to record the album between March and April!”

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“When we were allowed to leave hour homes again, we had very few weeks to prepare the drums recording, and so we went to the Cal Pau Recording Studios in June. Being able to escape to a place in the country side, isolated from the rest of the world was a great luck that helped a lot in the process, not only of the recording, but also keeping us together as a band and giving us some good vibes again. We had to reschedule the recording 3 times and had to do it in 3 different studios just to make it happen. It’s been hard but we are happy we made it.”

“The local scene has practically stopped since March and very few bands have been lucky enough to play in Barcelona until now. The ones that have done it have only been outdoors and most have been well established bands’. Also, the underground venues are struggling to pay their rents and keep up with payments/debts. We really need the government will help them or, once all this is over, there will be no places left to play.

Touring wise, there is no real tour planning in the short-term, as the lack of light at the end of the tunnel makes us feel like it’s better to wait before scheduling anything. Yet, we are set to perform at the amazing AMFest Barcelona on December 6th, sharing the stage with bands we love, giving us the chance to play these songs live for the first time in front of our friends and families. Let’s hope it will happen!”

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