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“It wasn’t meant to be a movement” – Ian MacKaye shooting more documentaries

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Punk news service The Hard Times has issued a nice report on Iam MacKaye’s recent interview offerings. Serving hardcore punk news with a pinch of salt, THT is one of the coolest and funniest web spots to check out this year.

“We cut and folded each 7-inch cover by hand, you know? We took some apart and just looked at them and figured it out – it wasn’t meant to be a movement,” MacKaye rehearses to himself while gently laying out his favorite red hat on the bed for tomorrow’s shoot. 

As one of hardcore’s earliest pioneers, MacKaye is widely considered to be one of the best sources of insight and perspective into the Washington D.C. hardcore scene he helped create as a teen. Now, the aging punk icon is often unable to leave his chair for over 24 hours at a time as multiple film crews rotate in and out of his office interviewing him for documentaries on a surprisingly wide range of topics.

“I never thought after all of these years anyone would still be asking me about ‘Guilty of Being White.’ I also never thought I would be interviewed for a documentary about a minor league baseball team that only existed in Mexico during the 1930s but, hey, all I do is answer the questions they give me,” MacKaye said.

MacKaye’s insight into the Russian space program during the height of the Cold War may be limited, but that didn’t stop a film crew from interviewing him for several hours about the most minute details of the topic.


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