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WATCH YOUR BACK interviewed by HardBoiled zine

Finish hardcore band WATCH YOUR BACK was recently interviewed by HardBoiled Zine.

The author commented:

Let’s start with some basic info about the band. How, when and why did Watch Your Beck get started? Who came up with the name?
Olli and Kimi were talking in 2006 about starting a new band. Luckily they ended up once again getting drunk with this weirdo called Tommi after a Cro-Mags gig, who managed to tell them that he played guitar and was actually willing to join the project. It took fucking long before anything actually happened, but eventually the band rehearsed for the first time some 6 months after this drunken chatter. Riku joined the band in 2009 and completed the line-up.
Nobody really remembers who came up with the name, but according to the folklore it might have something to do with the Cock Sparrer song “Watch Your Back”.

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