“We Play Their Game”: Florida Hardcore Act THE F/A release new EP!

THE F-A band
FIve months after our latest track by track feature, Florida’s old school hardcore punk rockers THE F/A are back to our pages with a brand new commentary for their new 3-tracker “We Play Their Game”!

She’s a Riot Girl: Funny thing about this song is that I when I wrote this song, I thought I was writing about my ex-wife. Turns out that I was actually writing it about someone else.  Someone new in my life who has stolen my heart! The night we debuted this song at a show last year, my ex and I wound up getting into a huge argument that night after the show, so the original appeal for me was gone. Especially after going through a divorce. But it was too great of a song to throw it away, and the rest of the band still had riot girls! So, we had to keep it. Recently, I met somebody, and I then realized the song is way more about her. Especially the “save my life” part of the lyrics. It’s one of my top two favorite songs that we have written. It’s punk as f**k, super catchy and it just rocks. I love it.

I Had Enough: This song is a cover from Agnostic Front. It was the second song off Riot, Riot, Upstart. My favorite AF song ever. It speaks to me. I’ve been dealing with a lot lately in my personal life and this song just says it all. I had enough!

We Play Their Game: This is basically a song about being controlled. It is not necessarily an anti-religion song, even though we equate religion with our criminal justice system. The message behind it is for people to start to think for themselves instead of following the trends and selling your souls for likes. This song has a very different feel from the rest of our songs, and it stands out from the rest. Typically, Lee writes most of the music and it just comes together after that. Joe wrote the music for this one and we hope you enjoy it.

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