WEALTH IN WATER signs with Indianola Records

Indianola Records is excited to announce the addition of Raleigh, North Carolina’s emocore/post hardcore act WEALTH IN WATER.

Here’s the official statement:

The post hardcore band will be releasing their debut full length tracked by Drew Fulk at Think Sound later this year.

If melodic, driving, music were the liquid constant in an ever-changing underground scene, then North Carolina is the well from which it is drawn. Always on the forefront of innovation in melodic music, the state has spawned band after band who have become the inspiration and influence to the generation that followed. Once again, North Carolina has gifted us with something special. Their name is Wealth in Water.

In a time where musical progression seems to be spinning its wheels and creativity and inspiration are lost to greed and industry, Wealth in Water is the breath of fresh air that music has been waiting for. In a very short time, Wealth In Water have found the element that takes most musicians many years to achieve: the understanding and importance of dynamics. Using their guitars in an almost atmospheric manner at times, they’ve crafted beautiful melodies supported by a driving rhythm section, and traverse the spectrum between heavy and ambience with the poise of a band well beyond their years. The group are fronted by two individuals, splitting the singing and screaming responsibilities. Both bring talents to Wealth in Water that complement the music and one another. When questioned on the sound of Wealth in Water, vocalist Robby Ziccardi had this to offer, “It’s not easy to put our sound into words, but what I can say is that it’s definitely driving, it’s definitely powerful, and there’s a lot of emotion that goes into it all.” With each of the members drawing from their own personal influences , the writing process, which has always been a group effort, has allowed Wealth in Water to create one sound from many and call it their own. Set to record and release their first full length album on Indianola Records in the months to come, Wealth in Water are in position to become the new band of inspiration to the next generation. With a deeply rooted passion for music they create, and the talent to match, Wealth in Water’s successes have only just begun.

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