Dress Warm by Tiffany Chung
Dress Warm by Tiffany Chung
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Welcome the spring with “Fortune Teller”, the new single from indie rockers DRESS WARM

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As the weather warms and the flowers bloom, it’s time for a fresh batch of music to match the season. And Dress Warm, the Austin-based indie rock group, is here to deliver just that. Their newest single, “Fortune Teller,” is a dreamy and melodic track with a hint of melancholy, perfect for the transitional period between winter and spring.

Dress Warm’s soothing sound is a product of their individual talents, with Logan Krupovage on drums and production, Trevor Stovall on bass, and Brandon Price on guitar. The band’s style is characterized by Krupovage’s irresistibly groovy rhythms, Stovall’s smooth basslines, and Price’s textured guitar melodies. Together, they create a sound that harkens back to classic indie rock acts like Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, while also carving out their own unique niche in the genre.

“Fortune Teller” is the first single from Dress Warm’s upcoming EP, which they’ve been working on after a successful run of shows and self-directed music videos. The band members have described the song as the result of a Twitter joke gone too far, which may explain its bittersweet tone.

But regardless of its origins, “Fortune Teller” is sure to resonate with listeners who appreciate thoughtful, emotionally resonant indie rock. To learn a bit more about it, we sat down with the band to ask them about their recent work, the new single and plans for the rest of the year.

Dress Warm by Tiffany Chung
Dress Warm by Tiffany Chung

You released your debut EP “A Cowboy On Ice” back in November 2022. How has the reception been?

The reception has been fantastic! Definitely better than we anticipated. We have another project called Hall Johnson that we’ve been doing for years. That was safe and comfortable, so it was a bit nerve-wracking to see how people would react to this new project! We were proud of the sounds we got on that EP and felt like it was a good debut and captured what we were going for… So to see friends, some outlets, and new fans appreciate it just as much as we did gave us some really good confidence heading into writing and recording this next EP!

Who does the band cite as influences for your sound?

For this EP we were definitely wanting to lean into some “noiser” bands. We looked at a lot of shoegaze influences despite our project not leaning into that, as we really like the atmospheric wall of sound that can come out of those records… The recent LP release from Alvvays ‘Blue Rev’ was a perfect blend of noise-y guitars + pop melodies and we love how that came out. We’re always influenced by emo groups so, Tigers Jaw is a huge influence on us as we try to take healthy influences from that and the indie twang of MJ Lenderman.

You said “Fortune Teller” is the result of a Twitter joke gone too far. Would you like to provide some context on that and/or how social media plays a role in things (for better or worse)?

Yeah! The hook in “Fortune Teller” is “And I thought you should go, just thought I would let you know” which is a reference to that Twitter joke that “everyone here knows you’re high and you should go.” While that hasn’t happened to us directly, we really liked the message of that, and thought it was fairly funny. Social Media is of course a beast and is becoming more directly attached to us whether we like it or not. It can quickly become an echo chamber and full of horrible shit… I think we really just like Twitter because it’s funny, and the people that try to take it too seriously are the ones that get the most upset! We say, try to find a hobby and go outside.

What are your plans for the rest of 2023?

Our plans are to play live as much as possible, record this album that we are sitting on, and meet as many friendly folks as we can :-)

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