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“We’re Drowning In Slowmotion” – YOUNG MOUNTAIN’s record coming up in December!

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Zegema Beach Records has teamed up with Through Love Records to bring you YOUNG MOUNTAIN‘s new 12″EP titled ‘We’re Drowning in Slowmotion’ that mixes STATE FAULTS, early FRAMEWORKS, LA PARADE, RAINMAKER, SHIROKUMA, and ENVY! The crème de la crème of the beautiful and volatile post hardcore subgenre has landed in its entirety below.

The demo ”Fragile” made it’s debut on Bandcamp and Spotify the 12th january 2013 and that was the first listenable material from Young Mountain in its first steps and as the bands name implies, yes they are a tribute band to the influential post-rock giants This Will Destroy You. Shortly after the debut a bandmember had to part and a new got to assimilate. The shows in Sweden started to stream and with som mentionable appearances in Örebro, Göteborg, Stockholm, Gävle and Trollhättan. Three months flew by and then came the first Europe tour with nine stops across the mainland of Europa, including Sweden, Denmark and Germany.

The band begun to gain ground among the underground music blogspots and got to take part of the blogspots /Compilation: The Death Of A Modernists: Songs For The Dead Vol 1 and Open Mind/ Satured Brain with bands such as Celeste, Via Fondo and Trembling Hands. For the record they are going to have ”Hildedal” to take place in the Songs For The Dead Vol 2 who’s coming out in early december.

As a new kind of symbiosis between the desperate klimax cries of Deafhaven, Suis La Lunes frenetic kind of chord change and Cult of Lunas doomsday sections this new release ”We’re Drowning In Slowmotion” from the quintet Young Mountain will be a fresh breath of air for the alternative hardcore scene . The record is being released on the 5th of december by the record label Through Love Rec for distribution in Europe and Zegema Beach for distribution in Canada.

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