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West Java hardcore crew HISTORYOFLIFE streaming new tracks

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When you spot an album cover from a distance and your brain flashes to “The Things We Carry” by HAVE HEART or maybe even “Beyond the Tomb” by FUMING MOUTH, it’s like an instant hit of nostalgia, even if the actual vibes of the music might not match the artwork’s promises.

Well, get ready because HISTORYOFLIFE, the hardcore powerhouse from Tasikmalaya, West Java, just dropped some fresh fire. After making waves with their debut EP “Complexity” back in 2023, they’re back with not one, but two killer singles: “Deceiver” and “Turning Point“.

Channeling the raw energy of 90’s hardcore, HISTORYOFLIFE blends influences from bands like OUTSPOKEN, TURNING POINT, and early EARTH CRISIS. These tracks are a gritty homage to that era, perfectly capturing the intensity and spirit of pure, honest hardcore.


You can catch these new bangers streaming on all your go-to digital platforms. Don’t miss out!



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