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“We’ve got trouble” – author Adam Gnade’s frightening comment on Trump’s America

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If art flourishes in harsh political and social times, the Trump presidency should give rise to loads of creative works, both written and music masterpieces – that’s what everyone had been telling us right after he won the election. Donald’s crazy claims and policies have catalyzed protesters and musicians all around the world, but obviously Americans have been the most reliable avatars of artistic justice and interesting insider commentaries. Today, we’re welcoming author Adam Gnade and musician Demetrius Antuña and their new music video “Voicemails from the Great Satan, Daytime Suite”, challenging us to re-examine some controversial issues and serving a thought-provoking commentary in an unconventional way.

In “Voicemails from the Great Satan,” author Adam Gnade and musician Demetrius Antuña forge a soundscape for all of our fears and frustrations in Trump’s America, as well as a voice for our ghosts. Adam speaks in a tone that feels anguished, desperate, even bereaved, as if reciting a eulogy at the funeral of a country (“America, you broke our heart”). This is surrounded by the piercing wails of bowed guitar and jarring drums/gongs. Antuña’s use of sound is meant to represent electricity, which he noted was “heavily influenced by Dean Hurley’s sound design in Twin Peaks: The Return”. In the “Daytime Suite,” instrumentation and field recordings create a sense of “post-technology-” the incessant, indefinite buzzing of a world left in constant disarray and permanent malfunction. Towards the end of the piece, this ambience shifts towards the organic. Adam’s voice settles into a drowsy tone of calmness, even surrender, and we are left to feel a possible sense of moving forward– though to what end has not yet been written.

Video director/editor Maddie Pericak compliments these emotions through the use of images and footage that range from bucolic and muted to abstract, boldly vivid, and disquieting.

Adam commented:

This piece of the record is my comment on Trump’s America; what it feels like to live in the midwest during a very divisive, bullshitty time. It’s dark because living in America is dark as hell right now. Musically it’s like reconstructed doom–without the metal. Maddie’s video follows suit perfectly. Hell on earth. Earth on hell.

Adam Gnade + Demetrius Francisco Antuña

Video is directed and edited by Maddie Pericak. Track is off the EP Voicemails from the Great Satan, released February 16, 2018 by Three One G Records. Available through Three One G on limited edition pink cassette, as well as digitally on iTunes. Order HERE.

“Adam Gnade writes with the kind of passion and empathy that most writers take decades to achieve. His writing is somehow both youthful and wise, funny and sad.” – Bart Schaneman, author of Someplace Else

“America’s most troubled troubadour Adam Gnade is at it again, prepping another slab of post apocalyptic talking-blues via the venerable Three.One.G with the help of musician Demetrius Antuña.” –Tabs Out Cassette Podcast

Upcoming tour dates:

March 7th – London, UK @ Schacklewell Arms w/ Night Shop and special guests
March 8th – Oxford, UK @ Bullingdon w/ Youthmovies, Wild Adoration
March 9th – Oxford, UK @ Bullingdon w/ Youthmovies, Dialect

Adam Gnade

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