WIZARD RIFLE premiere a new song

WIZARD RIFLE are streaming a new song called “Megatherium” off their upcoming Seventh Rule Recordings debut called “Speak Loud Say Nothing”.

Stream it here.

The album opens up with a 1920s distorted show-tune, clearly paving the way for something way outside the norm. The musical procession that follows kicks up full blown sludge shitstorm that pierces the ears and haunts the mind, followed by sweeping waves of down-beat doom riffage.

The two-man wrecking crew known collectively as WIZARD RIFLE first came together in the autumn of 2009. Based in Portland, OR and drawing influences from Black Sabbath, Lightning Bolt, High on Fire, Karp, Sleep, Sonic Youth, Nomeansno, The Stooges, and Danava, WIZARD RIFLE are as difficult to describe as they are to ignore. Eclectic, innovative, and all-around out there, their sound is a constantly-evolving, always-adapting entity that changes with their moods. Frantic, chaotic, noise rock tempered with dredges of doom, swinging rock’n’roll, grimy grunge, and a heady dose of AmRep skronk – that‘s what Wizard Rifle are made of! Their kind of “sonic stew is gooey goodness to the ears,” as far as Decibel is concerned. The band is comprised of drummer Sam Ford and guitarist Max Dameron, who share vocal duties and down right mesmerize in a live setting. The interplay between the two is fluid, jarring, mechanical and organic – a jumble of impressions, and a captivating spectacle. WIZARD RIFLE have done their best to spread their tapestry of noise across the entire continent, completing a full US/Canada tour with Norwegian noiseniks Arabrot alongside festival appearances at SXSW, Fall Into Darkness, and PDX Pop Now and gigs supporting the likes of Lightning Bolt, Valient Thorr, Black Cobra, Yob, Agalloch, Witch Mountain, Chinese Stars, Thrones, Atriarch, Rabbits, and more.

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