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WOLF DOWN – “True Deceivers” video

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After releasing a new tune in late December last year, German vegan hardcore act WOLF DOWN comes back with the official lyric video for another new track called “True Deceivers”, taken from the band’s new album ‘Incite & Conspire”, out on End Hits Records on February 5th 2016 as limited vinyl, cd-digipack and digital. Check it out below and catch them live on tour with STICK TO YOUR GUNS, STRAY FROM THE PATH and COUNTERPARTS.


How Will You Ever Wash Your Bloodstained Hands Clean
True Deceivers – Can’t Redeem Your Legacy
All Your Filthy Lies, Dusty Morals Undisputed
Never Questioning
Free Spirits Persecuted

The Snakes That Preach Faith
Are Intellectual Slaveholders
Spitting Venom
Creating Numb Holy Soldiers

Mass Oppression Of The Human Mind
Will You Follow Blind
Or Watch Reality Unwind

I Believe

I Believe In Self Determination
No Mind In Shackles, No Body Under Domination

I Believe In Freedom And Equality
Love Can’t Be Bound By Your Crooked Morality

How Will You Ever Wash Your Savage Hands Clean
Veiled Up Keepers Of Petrified Insanity
All Your Filthy Lies – A Burden We Inherit
Free Spirits Silenced – Infestation Systematic

Burn Every Cross That Demands Submission
We’ll Dig A Grave For The Corpse Of All Religions
All Priests Will Atone For Their Sins
Burn The Churches In Whose Shadows We Are Locked In

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