Marching straight into destruction – an interview with WORLD OF PAIN!

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Heavy beatdown hardcore band WORLD OF PAIN has teamed up with IDIOTEQ to discuss their new full length “End Game” and explain some of the issues explored on this brutal soundtrack to the ongoing destruction of Planet Earth. The record marks their second album and is their first offering since “Improvise & Survive” EP, released 3 years ago via their still current label BDHW Records. “End Game” puts the heavy range of the band on full display and is focused on all kinds of terrible stuff that oppresses or world, the ubiquitous hysteria and standing up for yourself. The new music from WORLD OF PAIN buzzes, crushes and gets you just close enough to terror stories incorporated into their lyrics. Unleash the beast through the player below and read our full interview now!

Hey guys! Thanks so much for your time. What’s up? How does it feel to have the ‘End Game’ almost out?

Yo! It feels great! We’re really stoked on END GAME and hope that all of our listeners are as well. If you haven’t yet, give it a listen…. and try not to punch a hole in your wall.

Your debut full length hit the streets in 2011. What took you so long to come up with a follow up?

Well, you know how it goes, life gets busy and before you know it, it’s already been 5 years since your last full length! ha… but at least we released ‘Improvise & Survive’ in 2013, hopefully it held some of the fans over until we could prepare END GAME.

How have you guys evolved since your demo 2009?

As you can hear when listening to each of our releases, we believe our sound has become darker with more metallic elements. Don’t get us wrong, we still have circle pits and our hardcore roots, but our sound has definitely evolved into what we believe to be an even heavier sound.

Can you share some memories on how you got started in hardcore? And why have you gravitated toward this particular hard as nails mixture of metallic, brutal hybrid?

We started in 2009 after we felt that there was a lack of ‘heavier’ hardcore in our local scene. Out here on the west coast, we grew up with bands like Life Or Death, Hoods, Sworn Vengeance, Donnybrook, etc. At the same time on the east coast, you had bands like COLD AS LIFE, IRATE, BILLY CLUB SANDWICH, ALL OUT WAR, MERAUDER, etc. By the mid to late 2000’s, most of those bands were already done. So to put it simply, we wanted to create a band that would encompass both our influences and writing abilities.

How is this style popular in your area? Are there a lot of young bands, labels and promoters supporting heavy hardcore?

Over the past few years there has definitely been an influx of ‘heavier’ hardcore bands among the younger kids out here and it’s awesome. Seeing as our sound isn’t strictly the same old formula of hardcore, we do get to play more mixed shows which is very cool, as we get to cater to multiple audiences instead of just one ‘specific’ group of people.

Ok, so back to your new record, what drew you to this project and the message you try to convey through “End Game”?

Based off the album artwork and lyrics, we believe it is easy to see the general overall message of the record. Each day you turn on the TV or the radio and all you hear about is TERROR, panic, destruction, murder, crime, etc. It is like the world is continuing down a path of mounting hysteria. People are killing based off of beliefs, over arguments, over nonsense. People are filling with fear and making irrational decisions. If people don’t suck it up and get their heads straight, we will march straight into destruction.


What stories and conclusions inspired you to write these lyrics? Also, what’s the genesis for the title?

The lyrics/message are based off of current and historical world events; bombings, mass-murder, territorial disputes/killings, etc. We want people to question things, question motives and open their minds. Don’t lose yourself in the madness, take a step back and try to examine things from other perspective(s)… and most importantly, don’t let anyone take those freedoms away from you. Stand up for yourself.

Can you tell me about the way you recorded this album? How tough was the production process?

The production process wasn’t too difficult. We have had some riffs we’ve been working on and writing for quite a while now. We were actually able to complete the recording in only a few days, but mastering the album and preparing it for release took much longer.

Ok, so I guess you’re on the verge of taking this new effort on the road and perform these vicious riffs live, right? What are your touring plans for 2016?

Correct. Our upcoming Euro/UK tour with CDC and HARM/SHELTER is the first tour we will be exclusively showcasing many of our new songs live. We are looking at possibly visiting Japan again near the end of the year, otherwise we will be playing a handful of shows on both the west coast and east coast of the US.


How do you use the modern digital technology to book shows and communicate within hardcore society members? Do you think it’s a good think for the community? Do you see that impacting your band?

This is a tricky question. The internet and other modern technology is VERY useful in band promotion, spreading music, announcing shows, etc. But, we believe it has also damaged the ‘music’ scene as a whole. Many people would rather watch videos of shows on social media, gossip online, etc. People on the internet react in a way that they would not act in person. The internet creates a disconnection in personal communication that we believe is detrimental to all aspects of society, but at the same time, it can be such a useful tool. The era in which you had to attend shows to see bands live, handing out flyers and hearing about legendary hardcore characters and shows was a great era in hardcore. It was very fun, to say the least. But yea… quit being lazy! Leave your house and support your scene!

We have seen extreme shifts and some experimentation in hardcore music in the last couple of years. Where will it be in future?

Honestly, no idea. You still have your common hardcore formula bands, but you also have many bands that tie in various aspects of alternative, grunge, trash, death metal, etc. At this point, can anything else really be done? Who knows what the future holds!

Ok guys, lastly, what bands, labels and spots would you recommend to check out this year?

Definitely keep up with BDHW and its new bands and releases. Toni is continually putting out a lot of good records! From over here in the states, some newer/mentionable bands to check out would be VAMACHARA, SEPARATED, JESUS PIECE and DETAIN. Also, our boys in BILLY CLUB SANDWICH are back! With that said, thank you to all of our families, friends and fans. Respect!

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