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WORMS OF SENSES: pioneering a multi-style musical odyssey

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Worms of Senses - by Mariusz Jeziorko

Defying the conventional boundaries of genre and sound, Worms of Senses, a collective of seasoned musicians, have carved a unique niche, blending an eclectic mix of rock, math rock, pop, psychedelia, jazz, electronica, and experimental sounds.

Their latest single, “Body,” is not just a song but a narrative exploration, delving into themes of the body as a commodity, sensuality, complexes, and exploitation.

This track is the vanguard of their highly anticipated second album, slated for release next year. “Body” is a reflection of the group’s artistic ethos, embodying their commitment to explore the unusual and the unconventional.

The band’s lineup is a testament to their diverse musical influences and backgrounds. Comprising Michał Maślak (vocals, guitars, synths), Rafał Miciński (bass, fx), and Piotr Jeziorko (drums, synths, pads), each member brings a rich history from previous collaborations with bands like Searching For Calm, Fair Weather Friends, ARRM, 52um, and Æther Ctrl.

Worms of Senses

Worms of Senses pride themselves on their approach to music-making, blending mathematical, odd-timed rhythmic forms with the spontaneity of improvisation.

Their music acts as a bridge between these methodologies, weaving together melodies, the grain of distortions, and the vibrations of oscillators.

Worms of Senses fot. Mariusz Jeziorko
Worms of Senses – by Mariusz Jeziorko

They embrace both the song and the experiment, preferring a genre mosaic over adherence to a single style.

Their goal is to capture the intriguing, magical, and irregular elements of their improvisations, creating a sound that is uniquely their own.

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