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ALKALINE TRIO unveils “Bad Time” – a prequel to their 10th album “Blood, Hair and Eyeballs”

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In an artistic crescendo, Alkaline Trio presents “Bad Time,” a darkly harmonious advance track from their much-anticipated 10th studio album “Blood, Hair and Eyeballs,” scheduled for release on January 26, 2024, under the aegis of Rise Records.

This release follows the critically acclaimed debut of the album’s eponymous lead single, lauded for its invigorating freshness by Consequence and its archetypal Alkaline Trio blend of grim, yet irresistibly catchy punk rhythms by Brooklyn Vegan.

“Bad Time” emerges as a more restrained, yet equally potent auditory experience. The song’s genesis finds its roots in a moment of crisis, as described by the Trio’s guitarist and vocalist Matt Skiba: “‘Bad Time’ was born from a conversation I had with a friend and romantic interest during a particularly harrowing moment in El Paso, Texas. As an active shooter incident unfolded nearby, her call was a welcome, though surreal, diversion. Despite the chaos, her voice was a beacon of normalcy. The second verse harkens back to a perilous incident in Chicago, involving my roommate Bobby and me, narrowly escaping a drive-by shooting. This verse also pays homage to the sense of longing for that same comforting voice during times of danger.”

Accompanying the track is a visually arresting video, the brainchild of director Ravi Dahr, who previously collaborated with the band on the “Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs” video. This new creation weaves a narrative as vivid and intense as the track itself. Skiba reflects on the creative synergy with Dahr, highlighting their shared affinity for cinematic icons like Dario Argento, Stanley Kubrick, and Kenneth Anger.

AlkalineTrio by Jonathan Weiner-min
Alkaline Trio by Jonathan Weiner

Recorded at Studio 606 in Northridge, CA, with the expertise of GRAMMY-winning producer Cameron Webb, “Blood, Hair and Eyeballs” is a testament to Alkaline Trio’s ability to distill their sound to its raw, elemental core while venturing into uncharted artistic territories. This album is not only a pivotal moment as the band’s inaugural release with Rise Records but also marks the final contribution of Derek Grant, the band’s long-standing drummer since the revered 2003 album “Good Mourning.”

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