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xIRON SHARPENS IRONx covers Hatebreed’s “Smash Your Enemies”

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Metallized hardcore pack xIRON SHARPENS IRONx cover of Hatebreed’s song “Smash Your Enemies” from the album Under The Knife has been posted online.

xIron Sharpens Ironx are an Blackened Hardcore/Metal band from Muskegon, Michigan formed from the remnants and pieces of multiple music endeavors. They blend the song structures of hardcore with Black and Death metal, and the band cites Converge, Pig Destroyer, Vein.fm, Origin, and Cattle Decapitation as influences. The band was a part of our huge feature Heavy Hearts for a Hope Filled Cause: hardcore bands unite for a Suicide Prevention compilation, posted 2 years ago HERE.

The bass for this cover was recorded by Jeff at Red Obsidian Media Productions, while all other instruments and vocals were recorded by Larry via Jason at Exit Door productions. The track was mixed and mastered at Exit Door Productions by Jason Ingersoll.


I hope I’m alive
To witness your demise
Make you feel my sorrow
Encompass all my pain
That I’ve felt for years
Dreading each dying day
Hanging by a thread
On the edge of my sanity
When I wake up the real nightmare begins
Will I make through my time in living hell?
Do I possess the strength to smash my fears into the ground?
I’ve tried to be strong
I’ve tried to overcome but I don’t think I possess the strength to carry on
I’m torn between, and there’s no right choice
I’ve gotta fight back
I won’t be scarred for life.

The original track was released on Under the Knife, a compilation EP from Hatebreed, released in 1996 by Smorgasbord Records.

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