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YURODIVY – “Six feet under water (Story of a fish)” video

The amazing track comes from YURODIVY‘s soon-to-be-released second EP called “When deep waters…”, to be released on Junne 14th! Lear more about the concept through the official word, watch the scary video below and listen to their 2014 EP called “The Valley of Elah”.

It is the first chapter of a three-part album which will be released in a few month.
Like a metaphoric tale, the EP trace the story of a fish which decided to leave the cold and dark sea bed to swallow the sun and bring it back into the abyss.
The artwork of this first chapter is based on a work by Vélerie Etterlen.
The EP will be available on june the 14th for our release party. We’ll share the stage with La Dispute and Two inch Astronaut.


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