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Zakk Wylde says BLACK LABEL SOCIETY won’t release their next album until 2014

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY founder and singer/guitarist Zakk Wylde recently told Metalshrine that the band doesn’t intend to release their next record until at least 2014.

In the interview, Wylde was asked if he was working on anything new for the band and his response was,

No, but in August we’re gonna do an “Unblackened” DVD and it’s gonna have strings, piano, acoustic, but still electric with solos and stuff like that. It’s still electric and jamming. Like how we “The Song Remains Not The Same” where it’s like the heavy version of songs reworked on piano and stuff like that. So that’ll be the next thing we do and then we’ll go off and roll with the Canadian chapter and the South American chapter after that and obviously when that’s gonna be out, we’re still gonna be out touring and obviously they’ll probably want us to promote that thing as well, so I would imagine 2014 will be the next studio album with the heavy stuff on it. I was just looking at my schedule and it’s like two or three years, but it’s already mapped out. Obviously shit changes in between and we’ll figure out what the fuck to do, but this way it’s pretty much mapped out. It really is crazy when you think about it. Anything you gotta plan now is gotta be like six months down the road. I mean, as soon as the soccer season stops, they’re already setting up next season. That’s just the way it goes. But right now in the foreseeable future, after we get done with this eight-week crusade and jamming and being with the Boss [as part of the “Ozzy & Friends” tour]… we’re having a blast. We jammed the other night and it was a good time. 


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