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Zougla! Greek basement punk rockers BAZOOKA premiere new record!

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From the tribal groove of the opening track “Zougla” and the acoustic dynamics of “Exailosou” to the scaled “I Diki Sou Sira” with its new wave passes and last but not least, the psychedelic references of “Thelo Fisi”, the sound of Greek experimental garage punk rockers BAZOOKA evolves. The band goes beyond limits and manages to sound disintegrated, chaotic but at the same time absolutely raw and impetuous. The tracks of “Zougla” (Jungle) are a breakthrough for the sound of the band and bridge the style of “Useless Generation” with the most psychedelic sounds of their self-titled debut album, and we’re proud to give you the first listen of the record right here, along with a full track-by-track commentary, as well as the band’s new music video for the title track, available after the scroll! Psychedelic and very raw, the track is filled with a primitive African rhythm, accompanied by cannibalistic screams over fuzzy guitars and energetic baselines, and has an immediacy and bravery that will give it a shelf life. Listen for yourself!

BAZOOKA have enjoyed underground success since forming a decade ago, with many European tours and two length tours in US. Now they are touring across Greece. All dates are listed below!

“Zougla” is out on vinyl and digital via Inner Ear. The official street date is November 27, 2017.

Photo by Ben Fuog

Zougla“: A raw straightforward guitar riff combined with a Fela Kuti like drumbeat that leads you inside a world of animal noises guitar soloing and congas blast. Fast, heavy and groove as hell. Out of the animality and into the immortality.

Exailosou“: It is about being a “Zorba” without the bouzouki. From since we were kids until the adulthood there are a lot of guidance and instructions of how to live a proper accepted by society life. But we are only live once. Does it worth it really to follow these rules? Heck no. Inspiration from Greek folk music and The Kinks is heavy on this one.

I Diki Sou I Sira“:Your time will come sooner or later so don’t judge me or you shall be judged. All right? A more 80’s vibe with double guitar solo, pounding drums and and a synth on the background.

Thelo Fisi“: Cameras all over the place. On your phone on your laptop, CCTV on the streets watching you. You can give it a try and hide in the forest alone and then you realize that the only one watching you is you! And maybe some animals within the shadows. 80’s Greek rock scene combined with late 60’s hippy blast.

Zougla lyrics:

There is a place we know as planet Earth
Where life’s a drag
And people feel fuck all worth
Eyes and heads fixated to the ground
From their mouths you can hear a barking sound
Hey, Look up above
Use your want to give yourself a fucking shove
It doesn’t matter what goes on below
Dump all that shit and give yourself a go
You’re not below give yourself a go
You’re not below give yourself a go
You’re not below give yourself a go
Give yourself a go
Give yourself a go
Give yourself

BAZOOKA on tour:

30 Nov – Thessaloníki, Greece at 8Ball w/ The Sexy Christians
01 Dec – Larissa, Greece at Stage-Larissa w/ The Dead Ends
07 Dec – Patra, Greece at Giafka w/ Cosmic Shadows
08 Dec – Corinth, Greece at Artichoke w/ Cosmic Shadows
23 Dec – Athens, Greece at Gagarin w/ A Victim Of Society

BAZOOKA band by Penny Liaromati

Photo by Penny Liaromati

More about the band:

Bazooka were formed in 2008, in Volos, where Centaurs were living, consisting singer/guitarist Xanthos Papanikolaou, guitarist Bill Tzelepis, drummer John Vulgaris, keyboardist Panos Papanikolaou and bass player Aris Rammos. In the same year they moved to Athens in order to fulfill their need to play live. At a time when the Greek capital was undergoing a severe economic crisis an underground musical renaissance flourished through a multitude of DIY squat venues that hosted the city’s best punk and psych-rock bands. Bazooka were quickly found to be the most savage crew of the incredibly corrosive rock’n’roll scene that includes Acid Baby Jesus, Gay Anniversary and A Victim Of Society.

Bazooka‘s debut LP was released in 2013 on Slovenly Recordings, following 7inch EP’s on Inch Allah “Shame Take My Brain” and Slovenly “I Want To Fuck All The Girls In My School”. In 2016 they released their second full album for Slovenly Recordings with the title “Useless Generation”. In the past five years they have toured Europe several times as well as the US.

Bazooka have one foot planted in the beat band ’60s and the other in a bucket of blood and guts. My guess here is Athens is like Brisbane in Australia – it has a thriving underground music scene that gets along quite nicely without much in the way of help from the outside world. Bazooka is one of the flowers in a global dustbin that (hopefully) will continue to produce blooms.” –


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