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2 breeds of hardcore, one crossover soul – new thrash punk records today: FORESEEN & ROCK BOTTOM

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Fans of both hardcore punk and metal take it for granted that the two genres often cross over nowadays, but back in the early 80s things were significantly less certain. But, as the violence, brutal mosh and pit fights ensued, bands were able to usher in a new breed of thrash metal and hardcore punk combined. That, now-classic, hybrid style is now known as crossover thrash and well crossed between fans of both hardcore and metal. Today, 40 years (!) after the pioneering releases from bands like D.R.I., Anthrax, Cro-Mags, or Suicidal Tendencies,  we’re experiencing a flood of new generation takes on the genre, including more thrash oriented Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust, or more fast punk focused acts like Trash Talk. Many of the new offerings offer a solid balance between speed-driven thrash, and ripping hardcore aggression, and the two new releases we’ve picked today are just that.

Finnish metallized punks FORESEEN are back with their aptly named new band “Untamed Force” (Quality Control label), smashing together speed metal, crossover and thrash metal into one crushing noise. Joining them today are Philadelphia based ROCK BOTTOM, unveiling their new album “Speedway”, 13 years after they first stormed the stage,

“How many hardcore, let alone metal, bands exceed all previous efforts on their third LP? Some might argue that ‘Feel The Darkness’ was Poison Idea’s prime. You could present ‘Master Of Puppets’ and ‘Reign In Blood’, if you’re so inclined. Let’s face it, these are a dying breed of exceptions to the rule.” – comments Quality Control.


“And yet, like an icepick in the eye socket of logic, here stands Foreseen with ‘Untamed Force’. In the landmine ridden field that is crossover, where bands can all too easily get it so wrong, Foreseen not only survive the death sentence of their sophomore record “Grave Danger” (2017), but head out on a blunt force killing spree.

Untamed Force’ indeed. Rarely has a record title been more fitting. Vocalist Mirko Nummelin sounds more pissed off than ever, 12 years on. Drummer Mårten Gustafsson’s arms and feet generate enough power to make Finland energy self-sufficient. And finally, pushing the band over the edge, separating Foreseen from us feeble bastards, we have new member Ville Valavuo joining Jaakko Hietakangas to form what is arguably the scene’s deadliest six string tag-team.

Foreseen’s power is untamed but at the same time borne from hard work, a love for the craft and their musical community, and absolutely no excuses. Dig in, endure, stomp out, shoot to kill. Foreseen are for headbangers who haven’t been brainwashed by click tracks and digital recordings. Foreseen are for punks who can deal with a synth intro and harmonised solos. In 2022, ‘Untamed Force’ is the guiding principle that can inspire, but not be replicated, by the Kings of Hardcore Thrash.”

ROCK BOTTOM first emerged from the snake room of a Philadelphia suburb basement. It was there that they grew their following with brazen, unfettered tributes to the devil. From their smashing debut 7” BORN II HATE to their ripping full length album DOWNWITH THE DEVIL, the band’s demonic lyrical tomes told tales of devil worship, police brutality, love for snakes, and being made into a chump by life.

ROCK BOTTOM reveal the reality behind their time out of the public eye: experiences with alien abduction, doing hard time, racing for pink slips, and yes….performing satanic rituals with a witch’s brew.

Rock Bottom

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