36 CRAZYFISTS announce a new lineup

A new lineup of 36 CRAZYFISTS has been announced. The band has selected Kyle Baltus as their new drummer and the return of their bassist Mick Whitney, who left the band in 2009.

About the new lineup, the band states:

We have known Kyle for many years and are very excited to have him join the band. He is an absolute BEAST behind the kit and his first shows with the band will be the upcoming August gigs.”

Words cannot express how stoked we are to have [Whitney] back with us after a four-year hiatus. 

Many thanks to our brother Buzzard for rocking with us when Mick had to step down and helping us continue on as a band; we are truly grateful. 

In addition to the gigs we are playing in August to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of Bitterness the Star, we are working diligently to make up the canceled European tour from last year, so we plan on crossing the pond and celebrate the anniversary with our Euro pals as well!

Lastly, we are writing new music and looking to create the next chapter of the band.


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