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A faceless freak meets a bored girl and things go south – California post hardcore noise rockers DO YOU COMPUTE premiere new video

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Mathy, angular post hardcore / noise rockers DO YOU COMPUTE are back to our pages with their brand new eerie, yet alluring new video for the song “Austin 3:16”, the second single off the upcoming self-titled album, coming up in January 2023 through Killer Kern Records.

Video by Josh Eymann starring Chad Smith as the freak and Stacey Eymann as the bored girl. Audio recorded by Do You Compute. Mastered by Carl Saff.

“Caleb took the lead on writing Austin 3:16, a reference to pro wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin.” – explains Tim. “The video was filmed by my brother, Josh Eymann. We’re blown away by what an amazing job he did! It’s starring our good buddy Chad Smith as “the freak” and my wife Stacey Eymann as “the bored girl.” Most of the footage was recorded during Santa Barbara’s Old Spanish Days Fiesta weekend, which is always crawling with cops. So it’s a miracle we didn’t get arrested!

DO YOU COMPUTE by Gerald Pierre
DO YOU COMPUTE by Gerald Pierre

Austin 3:16 is the second single and video off their upcoming full length, due out January 6th courtesy on Killer Kern Records. Do You Compute is playing a local album release show the same day with labelmates Contranistas and local buds Jointheinternet at Whiskey Richards.

Dismemberment Trend“, the first single off the upcoming self-titled album, was released this past June. Check out the video by Josh Eymann below.

Austin 3:16 lyrics:

I could be your freak, and I think that I like it somehow
Talk is pretty cheap, and I wish that you loved me like I love you
And I (please), and I (God), and I think I need you
Cowboy (don’t), cowboy (let), cowboy in the sand
And it’s all (her), and it’s all (make), and it’s all blank in my head
Could you (me), could you (stand), could you be my friend
Teaches you to speak, and I think that I’m nothing that you could be
I pretend I’m clean, and you’d say that I’m something that you can really love
And I (please), and I (God) , and I want you badly
Singing (don’t), singing (let), singing something sadly
Can’t make (her), can’t make (make), can’t make me feel something
Someone (me), someone (stand), someone’s punishment
Now that I’m your freak, I can sing it so gladly
Wrote it on your sleeve, Austin 3:16

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