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About the invisible: introducing ISODORE AND THE PROTECTORS

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The energy and organic feel of ISODORE AND THE PROTECTORS‘ unique live performance will be tough to represent on a studio album. The band’s debut offerings succeed on the strength of the two long, varied and interesting tracks that combine experimental and progressive rock with jazz infused alt sounds, and are an utter delight from start to finish. Today, we’re giving you some insights about both tracks and streams of both live videos that demand exploration in turn.

I write about the invisible… About the connexion between the world of the deceased and the living, perception of time, the eternity in an after-life…

Here is a mystical departure in which Isidore, accompanied by his Protectors, questions the changes in states of consciousness as well as the links between the world of the deceased and the living. Sometimes from the mist of these paths will emerge the semblance of an answer, sometimes reassuring, sometimes disturbing, all pretexts to other interpretations. With a Piano and a lot of sensitivity, Clément directs this quest in a pop/jazz atmosphere, supported by the groove of drums, a double bass and a dusting of electronic touches. Thus, in the lyrics as in the music, this endearing fellowship touches borders, crosses paths, and for the curious opens the journal of these expeditions.

The Protector:

It’s about the connexion, a protection that my grand father is still offering me even through the Other World. It’s a song that has mainly build the visual aspect of Isidore and The Protectors. At the time, I was a playing to the video game « Bioshock ». It inspired me pretty much. I loved the idea that my grand father could have been one of these big robots. It was a really exciting song to compose and to introduce to the whole band. For me, it’s probably the song that define the best what’s Isidore and The Protectors.


That song is just a huge heart quake for me… it’s still emotionally hard to play ´cause it brings back the hardest moments in my life. You know that second when you realize that your life’s gonna change ? You feel your brain shifting, a trauma has been built… You are losing sleep, words, sense of reality. But through that dark phase, you learn so many things that made you more human. And if that will happen again, you will be ready to climb up the wall again with love.

Recorded by Leo Thbt and Rémy De Monte
Mixed by Noé Chalon and Leo Thbt
Masterised by Lucas Serruya
Outfit by Godinni
Cameras : Baptiste Maryns Videography – Photography/Rayan Imoula/Tarek Al Khattâb/Victoria Barracato
Sculptures by Marc De Winter
Directed/edited/Graded by Clément Steffen

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