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ACxDC release The Very Best Of Antichrist Demoncore

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To Live A Lie Records has teamed up with LA grinding powerviolence act ACxDC for a new special 0.8 inch vinyl release dubbed ‘the very best of Antichrist Demoncore’. Check out the official word from the band and play it below.

Okay here it is. A one inch record (.8in to be exact) featuring the best of ACxDC. Put out in collaboration with @tolivealie these were originally going to be handed out to friends only. We’ll be selling 5 to the highest bidders and donating the money. The design is based on the Slight Slappers 2” toy record but it’s constructed in a similar manner to the Spazz “Funky Ass Little Platter” 1” record. It has everything a record has: sleeve, cover, insert, catalog number, and record with record labels.

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