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AFFIANCE – “Nostra Culpa” video

AFFIANCE have released their video for the song “Nostra Culpa”.

Dennis Tvrdik (vocals) comments:

The September 30th show in Cleveland was the best and most exciting show we have played to date! We packed it out with around 600 people and told them to “show the world what Cleveland is all about”. The entire front half of the crowd sang every word with me and it felt amazing. Our good friend John Stanchina shot the video and we trusted it would come out great (Stanchina also shot the Call To The Warrior video). We chose “Nostra Culpa” because it was our “short, sweet, metal” song that’s one of our favorites to play live. Plus it’s one of our favorites lyrically, speaking about the de-humanization of mankind through progress in technology. “Nostra Culpa” meaning “our fault”, is inspired by an Albert Einstein quote as well as the book ‘The Abolition Of Man’ by C.S. Lewis.

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