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AGNOSTIC FRONT streaming new video for “Urban Decay”

Believe it or not, but NYHC veterans AGNOSTIC FRONT were just featured in Forbes magazine with an interview with the band’s vocalist Roger Miret. The band took to their pages to premiere a brand new music video for the song  “Urban Decay”, coming from their 2019 album Get Loud. Check it out below and head over here to learn more.

Hardcore’s AgnosticFront have always prided themselves on their visceral live energy and the loyalty of their multigenerational fans. Over recent years the band was given the opportunity to show these and many other aspects, along with the history that’s encompassed their 4 decade long career. This opportunity took form in the intimate 2017 documentary, The Godfather’s Of Hardcore, where director Ian McFarland put on full display the deeply woven Lower East Side roots of AgnosticFront, and the unbreakable bond between the bandmates themselves and the hardcore community.

For either die hard AF fans or newcomers to the band, The Godfather’s Of Hardcore was an excellently crafted film that undoubtedly stands out as one of best Rockumentaries of the last decade. More importantly, it’s helped to open the doors for a new generation of hardcore and Agonistic Front fans. And with the band’s 2019 record, Get Loud!, they’ve brought the first batch of new songs to these fans, and it has since spawned the next wave of AF anthems with tracks “Conquer and Divide,” “Spray Painted Walls,” and “Urban Decay.” Speaking of, the band’s new video for “Urban Decay” captures both their multigenerational fanbase and their notorious pulse pounding energy. – Forbed magazine

AGNOSTIC FRONT by Capture The Core

AGNOSTIC FRONT by Capture The Core

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