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ALL CAPS release new music video for their twisted new track “Maslow Pyramid”

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Rémy Venant (LA JUNGLE) and Pierre Toussaint (MONT-DORE) have recently teamed up for a new exciting instrumental project ALL CAPS! A bass drowned with effects, a drum kit (or rather what’s left of it), a small keyboard reminiscent of an 8-bit synthesiser and a few wacky samples, that’s what these two overexcited guys have in store for you! Today, we’re stoked to give you their new music video for the song “Maslow Pyramid” and their first-hand commentary about their debut “All’s Well That Ends Well”. Animated & Edited by Quentin Heroguer, the video can be seen below.

Initially, hip-hop is what they had in mind. Driving around town in customized SUVs and guest-starring rappers from Charleroi, Pennsylvania is what they aspired to do. But one is a fan of smoothies whilst the other spends his days playing BroForce on Playstation 4: the chemistry just wasn’t right for gangster hip-hop. So, naturally, weird geeky noise-rock is what these sweaty two lads started to spontaneously play. It was natural, it was always meant to be.

Today, Pietou and Roxie are getting their propeller beanies ready to play their first gigs. Their first 6 title EP, All’s Well That Ends Well, which can be described as urgent, childish and doomesque at the same time, was released in late 2018 via Black Basset Records and you can check it out below.

Rémy (drums, also drummer of LA JUNGLE) commented:

All’s Well That Ends Well is a six-track EP that was willingly written and recorded in some kind of state of emergency. MONT-DORE, the band of Pierre (bass, keyboards and samples) was a bit in stand-by, moving its rehearsal space from Brussels to Namur, and we agreed to meet once or twice a week to test and try a few things together.

We really wanted to explore some aspects and methods that we are not using in our respective bands, mainly the use of samples and 8-bit keyboards, all linked to a noise base. We composed 8 tracks within 6 months and recorded them straight away at Rockerill in Charleroi, with our friend Steve Dujacquier (note: who also recorded the last two La Jungle albums and works with Rémy at Le Vecteur, a concert venue in Charleroi). We kept only six of these 8 tracks, as we felt that the last two were not straightforward enough to our liking.

About the track, Maslow Pyramid:

Maslow Pyramid is a reference to the hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow and his book “A theory of Human Motivation”. A very current and newsworthy theme, which questions the very basic meaning(s) of life. We quite like our track names to be some kind of private jokes, hence the name of the EP, which is quite ironic. We are in fact not convinced at all that all this will indeed end well!

About the video:

Pierre knew about the work of Quentin, who produced the clip, but did not know him directly. We contacted him, met with him in a café in Brussels quite close to our rehearsal room. We explained him what the track meant to us and discussed a few possible graphic influences. It was then up to him to tailor it his own way, he had “carte blanche”. He’s full of motivation and a hard working guy, most definitely one to recommend!

ALL CAPS graphic

ALL CAPS on tour:

19/05 – BINCHE (BE) – Le Parapluie national
24/05 – AACHEN (DE) – Sogrady
28/06 – ANDENNE (BE) – Bear Rock Festival
29/06 – BRUSSELS (BE) – Magasin 4
18/07 – CHARLEROI – Rockerill

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