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“I See Demons” – Burlington hardcore band THE PATH drops new razor-sharp track!

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THE PATH are searching for balance and direction at a time when world is on fire. Chaotic Good shows that the politics are personal. They don’t know have all of the answers but they are very aware that when we are facing doom we will only get through it together. (ex-members of Contra (LI), The Solidarity Pact, As We Were and Crucial Times). The band’s new track “I See Demons” is a simples song about having a choice. You can choose to be a scumbag and abuse, assault and victimize people but that leads to consequences. Those people talk and other people listen. Your legacy will be created and you will be treated appropriately. You could also choose not to be a scumbag and people will probably like you a lot more. Not very hard.


THE PATH strive to stay within the DIY community. “Chaotic Good” was recorded, mixed and released with the help of close friends. “Chaotic Good” was recorded and mixed by Eric (Noodle), mastered by Chris Macie (Get a Grip, Versus, RCR) and will be released on LP (limited to 100) and CD on State of Mind Recordings.


“I See Demons” Lyrics:

You made it big time
You’re the talk of the town
As the roof hits the ground and nobody is celebrating
Nobody respects your name
Your children denounce their fame
You will be burnt into the annals of time
like the shit covered swine you are
Don’t be a scumbag piece of shit!!!

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