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Alt punk rockers SLEAVE embrace the clarity of reality with new single and music video “Clean”

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Richmond, Virginia’s own Sleave is at it again, dropping their latest single “Clean” off their eagerly awaited sophomore album ‘How To Get Over.’ Scheduled for a global release on April 26th, the album boasts collaborations with Sell The Heart Records (U.S.), Engineer Records (U.K.), Gunner Records (Germany), Fuckitall Records (Brazil), and Sleepy Dog Records (France), marking a footprint across continents.

“Clean” is a raw, introspective journey stripping away the sheen of youth to reveal a more grounded, albeit gritty, perspective on life.

With age and experience as their lens, Sleave delivers a candid narrative on the dissonance between the world as we’re sold it and as it truly is.

The single delves into the liberation found in accepting the limits of our control, celebrating life’s minor triumphs amidst the chaos of existence. It’s an anthem for the realists, a toast to the small victories we find scattered through our lives, encouraging a perspective shift from disillusionment to autonomy.


The accompanying music video, directed and produced by Sebastian Duall, features Madison Turner on vocals, adding a poignant layer to the narrative. A nod of appreciation goes to the Richmond Table Tennis Club for their unique contribution to the video’s backdrop, adding an unexpected twist to the visual storytelling.

Recorded and mixed by Pedro Aida at Audio Verite and mastered by Andreas Magnusson, “Clean” showcases Sleave’s commitment to quality sound. The band has crafted a piece that resonates with anyone at the crossroads of disillusionment and hope, questioning the value of societal norms and the pressure we place on ourselves to conform.


Before its official release, Sleave gave us a glimpse into their thought process, sharing, “Clean is about shedding the rose-coloured glasses of youth to see the world with the clarity of experience. It’s a realization that the reality painted for us doesn’t quite match up, and that’s okay. Recognizing our limited control over the external allows us to find freedom and joy in the ‘breadcrumbs’ of victory along our path.”

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