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SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI break down new album “Pull”

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SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI, a confluence of post-hardcore and alternative metal veterans, have unveiled their fourth studio album Pull, the follow up to 2021’s alternative metal album “Push”. The emo icon Jonah Matranga (from post hardcore legends Far and Gratitude) joins the band once again on vocals, and today we are joined by the band to discuss all tracks on the album in a special song by song rundown below.

This record emerges from the creative wellspring that once brought us 2021’s critically lauded “Push“, carving a path through the dense fog of atmospheric, stoner inflused alt metal and post-hardcore with the precision of a sculptor.

Founding member and bass player Nick Hannon comments: “We didn’t know if Push was going to be a one off but everyone involved loved what we did and thought we could collectively drive the sound even further… so Pull is an even more intense and emotionally direct performance from all of us. When Jonah returned to the studio, he came with an ignited fire of intensity. Whereas Push focused on distress, distance and separation, Pull is more cerebral and dream like. We’ve worked to create songs that everyone can engage with but with themes that are distant and eclectic. Immerse yourself!”

The UK/US ensemble, now led by Jonah Matranga’s ethereal vocal embrace—famed for his work with Far, Onelinedrawing and Gratitude—continues its tradition of sonic exploration. Accompanied by Mitch Wheeler’s rhythmic thunder (Will Haven, Ghostride), and underpinned by Marlon King and Nick Hannon’s unyielding string work, “Pullis a blend of post hrdcore grit, psych vibe of stoner and desert rock and hard rock tenacity.


Pull” it’s a voyage through the echoes of time, channeling the raw intensity of “Around The Fur”-era Deftones, the candid simplicity of “Water And Solutions” by Far, and the unyielding integrity of Will Haven’s “Carpe Diem”.

The album was recorded by Lance Jackman (Deftones) and Joe Johnson in Sacramento. Engineered and mixed by Dan Lucas, mastered by Nick Zampiello (Cave In, Converge, Pelican, ISIS) and presented by Exile on Mainstream Records.

Pull” channels the raw energy and introspective depths of the band, stitching together a narrative of emotional evolution and creative freedom. It weaves through themes of autonomy, reflection, and the complexities of human connection, all while maintaining a strong link to the band’s musical roots and evolutionary journey.

Below is a detailed track-by-track description provided by the band, offering an insider’s glimpse into the heart and soul of each song on “Pull.”


Nick – This was the first track Jonah cut in the studio and it just burst out of him. His soaring vocals and the pulse of the track set the tone for the whole record in the studio and as soon as he laid it down, we knew the whole record was going to be next level. Jonah reflects on everything and this track is his signature uplifting style wrapped in a riff impossible not to sink into.


Nick – This track is the culmination and representation of the full spectrum of the musical ventures and relationships SOAC have built up until this point. The bass riff and choruses are really reflective of where we are now and aligns perfectly with Mitch’s heritage in Will Haven but there are elements of riff rock in there that remind me of the debut SOAC record and even some ambient sections from the Continuum era. Definitely one that captures a scale and depth of our musical past and hopefully some maturity too – loads going on in this performance!


Jonah – When I heard ‘Pull’ for the first time, I instantly imagined myself flying along in some wild machine. The vocals arrived effortlessly. I think the song ended up being about momentum, autonomy, and creativity. Really getting free. All these ways of moving through our external and internal worlds. I hope you turn it way up while riding or driving really fast, or taking off in a plane, or maybe skydiving. Anything disorienting.

The Ways We Were

Nick – When we started writing this we had this vision of a huge pummelling drum beat from Mitch driving it all the way. The breakdown riff and the mid track drums are a highlight and they really are a rhythmic chanting incantation that I had in my head for a long time before managing to land it in a track. Love Jonahs lyrics on this and the reflectiveness of his observations on us all and on society.

Tetanus Blades: Nick – My favourite track on the record. Raw emotion and captures the essence of everything we’re trying to do right now. Explosive but controlled passages of wrought emotional introspection. Phenomenal performances from everyone on this – things really aligned perfectly on this.


Marlon – Doomed was originally written with the intention to be played acoustically. By the time we started recording the album it was clear acoustic wasn’t the right fit, but the cleaner tones heard on this track compared with the others provides a stark contrast.

Once Jonah started singing on this track we knew immediately this was our equivalent of what in the 90s might have been the ballad track for the album.

After the A side being filled with mainly heavier tracks, introducing Doomed near the beginning of the B side helped change the direction and tempo and we hope gives the audience a moment to reflect before plunging back in for the heavier tracks to end.

Weakening Pulse

Nick – We’d originally intended for this track to be a lot heavier and this was the first track we laid down for Pull. It has a slightly heavier feel as Lance (Jackman) did the production with Mitch on this one but Jonah took the track in a whole new direction and he created space with the heaviness that meant it breathed organically and by using space it makes it even heavier in places too.

Final Voyage

Marlon – This track has had so many iterations that you wouldn’t recognise it from its origins. When we first met up with Jonah nearly a decade ago, we recorded a demo of some vocal ideas on what then was titled 57. At the time 57 was developed in a different direction and ended up becoming an instrumental that featured on our sophomore album Continuum. Move on to present and Pull, we still had the vocal melody reminiscing.

As such we rewrote the whole track from the ground up, faster paced, more solos, whilst keeping the core root of what drove the original idea which was this hypnotic bass and guitar riff for the A section which allows Jonah to contrast with a slower paced vocal sitting over the top.

The track also features one of the main solos on the album, this solo takes some influence from the Pink Floyd era 50 years ago, but faster and more direct!

Unspeakable Majesty

Nick – We wrote so many different versions of this track so it was great to finally lay it down. We took a much simpler route with Jonah taking front and centre of the performance which works really well and helps close the album off with an uplifting and reflective note so that it feels almost circular so people would listen to the record again. Hope listeners pick up and dig the uplifting and positive tone!


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