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ANCHOR – “Losing Faith” video

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Losing Faith” is taken from the band’s new album “Distance & Devotion”, to be released in April 2015. The vide was produced by Erik Pettersson.

Order the LP/CD from Bengans Skivbutik at this location.

GO HERE to see their upcoming dates. GO HERE to watch the band’s music video for another new song “Survive”. GO HERE to read my latest interview with ANCHOR, explaining the new album and dropping a cool update on the band a.d. 2015.


Far too many nights I’ve gone back in time. Suppressed memories living inside of me. Trapped in my mind. Falling behind. Trying to collect what’s mine. The untold stories. The broken dreams. Suppressed memories living inside of me. For years I’ve fought through barriers of ignorance. I’ve gained ground but lost my faith. Not for a second can I escape. In my lifetime will I truly find peace of mind? Days slipping away. Life slipping away. Will there be answers for me? I feel my days slipping away. I beg for change. I feel my life slipping away. I beg for change. I’ll stop pretending all is fine.

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