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Atmospheric post hardcore act COLORED MOTH dwell on dimming progress; comment on new multi-layered LP

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DIM times. – The sun is constantly shining, but only if you look out of a window. If you could take a look inside of a human being, it would be something quite different. Anxieties, Worries, Uncertainties appear because the basic order of this vast continent is put to the hardest test. These are dim times. „DIM“ – the ominous 3rd record, of the trio COLORED MOTH from Berlin, narrates the dim fading of colors, but fights against it at the same time having color in its name. Limitless versatility on 13 new songs, dressed in a noise rock and post hardcore disguise. Recorded live for the first time and as usual in their own rehearsal room. Raw, grubby, sweaty and original, because everyone who saw them already on stage, knows that here lies the primal force of the band. Loosing themselves in the moment of the performance, so the audience needs to be concerned about the health of the three noisicians. We caught up with the band to ask them about the concept behind the record and get a special track by track commentary, as well a special artist recommendation below.

Colored Moth considers “DIM“ as more spontaneous and dynamical, that reveals its musical progress, as they drop plenty of bulky goods in order to sound more unlocked.

However, the experimental moment still exists, for instance, the four interludes, revealing the love for noise and ambient. Or, the long intro for the balladesque “Der Blinde Uhrmacher“, which builds up melodically, without wasting even a syllable of text, as the title already speaks volumes.

“But yet, the “Colored Moth moment“ shimmers through on and off, creating mandala-esque melodies, noise attacks and unconventional arrangements.“ – says Christoph, singer and guitarist, about the compositional approach of the band.

Lyrically, political topics are picked up again and therefore the musical medium is used accordingly. For example, the song “Whataboutism“ or the shortest track on the album „The Social Darwinist Program“ gives a little history lesson about a traditionally everlasting competitive-driven society.

“What happens around us doesn‘t leave us cold.’“ depicts the band, „Quite the contrary: it is important for us to use our instruments and lyrics to be thought-provoking and express protest against a strongly human influenced world that is close to the abyss and has never managed to be in unison.“

DIM“ was released digitally on the 29th of August 2019 and on vinyl on the 12th of September via Wolves & Vibrancy Records.

browsing through history reveals at least one thing: progress is not linear. it is always interrupted by regress. in addition, progress for one side at a given time does not mean that it exists at the same time for the other side. this fact shows that dim times are going through a whole series of progress from the beginning. so it could be the fact that we will always have one dark companion. dim tells stories about this constant companion from past to present to future and also, how to deal with the challenges in the current machine version of what we call life.

Colored Moth


the increasing digitization of society is changing people’s social qualities as well as man’s relationship of humans to machines. since everyone accepts this change through his actions and accelerates the technological-digital development, there is hardly time to reconcile the benefits and the necessity with the danger and the risks of this development. we are the subjects in this long-term study. damned not knowing what’s good about it, but very amused by the soma that comes from looking at screens. aldous huxley could hardly have imagined it, but since he could not figure it out, this could be a small letter to him.


an abstract representation of the term whataboutism and the associated conflict and futility of this arguing tool. a cynical deflection of responsibility.


the rejection of certain events in history is a typical example of avoiding responsibility or to beautify a status. on the other hand, these actions also show the distortion of people’s lives, that were affected by these acts. in other words, one could say that these lives have been erased. historical revisionism, to call it that, has been repeatedly exposed and used as a treacherous tool to improve the political standing of individuals or even countries. the use of this orwellian technique can increase the risk that inhumane acts will be repeated. therefore, the science of history should be intensively pursued to discover and publish revisionism.


taking nature as a role model and learning from it can be an important way to stay connected to our environment. to take a theory that explains how life has evolved and tries to justify human behavior including its devastating consequences, is a dangerous and absurd endeavor. this action led to terrible incidents. everyone knows what incidents we are talking about. even though humanity has already experienced some of the worst applications of social darwinism that still have to be overcome. we still have to live under the coat of it.


since the formation of vocal cords and the constant development of complex language structures people started telling stories. while some of them are just amusement others became stories with deep-rooted values. one of them is religion, which could be the story with the most intense influence ever. the problem is that people have forgotten that this is still a story that they themselves have developed. religion stretched out its arms in every direction, affecting each covered object for example, society, science and even a proponent of capitalism when analyzed from a marxist perspective. a big lie in terms of science is that creationism or creation science tells us this life on earth is so complex that it can only be made by a creator with an intelligent design. they ignore facts after facts and fear to accept that the evolution of life requires time, natural selection and genetic factors and that the concept of ‘der blinde uhrmacher’ has brought us to beauty complex organisms.


a scene from a hospital. doctors are desperately trying to save a mind. but is it worth the effort? does a liveless mind with ignorant convictions, an indifferent thinker, a patient who has already given up – a patient patient in this case – deserve saving? or, shall this mind be better left untouched for indefinite hiatus?


humanity’s quest for everlasting development has moved in a new direction. namely the establishment of new technologies that can lead us into an era of artificial intelligence environment. due to the fact that technology is mostly used as an economic product, the technocratic scene has grown pretty fast. big technology companies have taken over the wheel to develop visions for the future. however, this is usually a task of politics and of the people themselves. the rise of ai technology is accompanied by a wealth of innovations. problems such as the surveillance of people using these technologies. in addition, creating a world in which artificial intelligence surpasses natural intelligence, humans will be forced to set up themselves with bionic features. although this sounds like a dystopian cyborg science fiction story and of course this has nothing to do with our near future, that is already the vision of some leading people of tech companies. success induces the quest for more success. therefore, based on the current persons economic way of thinking, one can extrapolate the future of humanity, in which humans will turn into a soulless machine or get outsourced and become a so called homo useless.

Other band recommendation – RIOT SPEARS

I wanna mention one band from Berlin called Riot Spears. This is our favorite band at the moment and they are friends ours. They formed around one year ago and recorded their 1st album in January. Our drummer Nils recorded them in our rehearsal room. The album will be released sometime this year. It sounds sooooo intense. You will see.

One can consider them as a Riot Grrrl Grunge Band. They also consider themselves as Angry Pop. Ohhhhhhh…this band is so unbelievable good :)

These demos will be also available on the album called ‘Bad’, but they do not reflect how good they really are. You have to wait for the ‘real’ album.

We already played some shows together and we will do many more :)

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