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Atmospheric post punk act TIGER! SHIT! TIGER! TIGER! unveils new single and video “Stones”

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Italy’s Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! (TSTT) has been a quiet storm brewing. Their latest single, ‘Stones‘ heralds a new era for the band, showcasing a heavier, darker sound that still retains their signature dreamy, noise-pop melodies.

Stones‘ emerges from the band’s upcoming album ‘Bloom,’ set to release in February 2024 under To Lose La Track and Coypu Records. This track is a remarkable blend of hazy vocals and thunderous drumming, creating a sonic landscape that is as propulsive as it is beautiful. Here, TSTT demonstrates their mastery in balancing catchy melodies with emotional depth, enveloping listeners in a dream-like state.

The self-directed video for ‘Stones,’ filmed in an abandoned location near their city after midnight, is a testament to the band’s creative autonomy. It visually encapsulates the song’s essence: a journey through chaos and noisepop melodies. The band states, “We are mutating in different ways, but we’re always the same,” reflecting their evolution while staying true to their roots.

Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger
Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!

TSTT’s journey began in 2007 in Foligno, a city distinct in its lack of Mediterranean access, marking them as Italy’s secret weapon in the indie scene. Their rise to prominence was marked by invitations to prestigious events like CMJ in New York and SXSW, where they shared stages with notable acts like The Slits, Male Bonding, Iceage, and Mogwai. Their early work, notably the EP ‘Whispers‘ and the single ‘The Architects of Despair,’ garnered international attention, landing them spots on platforms like Spin Magazine, BBC6, and more.

Their discography, from ‘Be Yr Own Shit’ to ‘Forever Young’ and ‘Corners,’ reveals a band unafraid to explore and expand their sound. ‘Forever Young‘ captured the raw energy of their live shows, while ‘Corners’ delved into a myriad of musical directions, marrying fuzzy indie rock with a ferocious edge. The single ‘Weird Times’ from ‘Corners’ particularly showcases their songwriting prowess and production quality reminiscent of the 90s.

The upcoming albumBloom‘ is described metaphorically as “a monolith hunting humans in the forest, not to kill them but to show them the way of light.” This intriguing imagery speaks to the album’s thematic exploration of navigating the darkness to find illumination.

The lyrical content, particularly in ‘Stones,’ delves into profound emotional territories, addressing themes of love and existential struggle.

TSTT’s tour plans span Italy and North America, promising to bring their evolving sound to a broader audience.

Asked about their top releases this year, they shared their favorite records of the year, a list including works by Hotline TNT, Bar Italia, Protomartyr, Yo La Tengo, and They are Gutting a Body of Water. This eclectic selection mirrors their own diverse influences and musical curiosity.

Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! are storytellers, sonic explorers, and, above all, relentless in their pursuit of evolution.

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