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Baltimore trio YUME premiere new video for their intricate, eclectic track “White Grape”

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With “Fever Scheme”, the latest EP from Baltimore, Maryland based band YUME, the multi-disciplinary trio should definitely jump into a bigger spotlight and open up their amazing sound to a new audience. Their music is an intriguing hybrid of emotive, math rock inspired indie and screamy post-hardcore with genuine, own sonic identity shining through. Experimentation is key here and it means that these fellas fit our core content perfectly. We caught up with them to give you their new video for the EP closing track “White Grape” and spice it up with some insights about their work, lyrics, and some more insights from their local grounds of Baltimore.

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Hold tight. Let’s get into the swing of things breaking. No communication. It’s going to be a rough ride. Hold tight. Let’s accomplish nothing to ultimately get it right. Accidentally, mentally, left myself on the beach where we sucked each other dry. How could we believe in drunken love from the Heaven’s above? It’s never enough. But there’s no way to face it. Maybe one day, I’ll stop trying to chase it away. The fact that it’s probably because of me and I’m sorry.

The band’s vocalist Drew explains:

Lyrically speaking, there is not a whole lot of positivity in this EP lol. Even this song is about one of the hardest things I have dealt with in life, obviously an ex-lover. But learning to let go and time, in general, really does heal things. It will give you a clearer picture if you let it and this is pretty much my swan song for the situation.

Fever Scheme was recorded, mixed and mastered in Summer of 2019 by our good friend, Toby Valmas over at Lion City Studios. Big thanks to John Brandon Sills for letting us use his painting, Quiet Solitude, as our album artwork. There is no concept to this album, but we agree that the art perfectly describes the energy we were shooting for.

Tapes should be out sometime this year through No Funeral Records. Order HERE.

YUME band
Yume is Asa Gillis, Marcus Whatley and Andrew Coughlin.

Coronavirus situation

We have had a couple shows since the beginning of the year and they were awesome. They even feel more awesome nowadays with the state that our nation is currently in. It is so hard for any of us to plan anything. I honestly do not think it is time yet. We are just keeping up with each other and making sure everyone is staying well. Times are getting to be rough.

The video

We thought it would be a cool idea to reach out to people and ask them to send us clips of anything that had/has been brightening their days in this crisis and that’s how the music video came to be. It felt like a good thing to work on in this moment. I know Alec Pugliese (Human Kindness Productions) from mutual friends and he had done some photography for another project I was a part of. We are excited that he decided to hop on board and help with editing, creative input and bringing this thing to life.

Other new music worth a check

I know that I (Drew) am patiently waiting on Nuvolascura’s As We Suffer From Memory and Imagination and Phoebe Bridger’s Punisher, in regards to 2020 releases.

I had the utmost privilege of tracking on Stenger’s full length, Red Guitar Blues which also came out of Lion City Studios this year and it is worth a listen.

Friends from the area you should check out: Night Hums, Dosser, The Wind In The Trees, Morning Dew.

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