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Belgian post hardcore band ATLAS premiere new track!

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ATLAS, a post hardcore band from Belgium whose debut EP was released in 2014 on Viva Love Records, is now releasing their first full length B L U S H on Smithsfoodgroup, Black Basset & Dingleberry records! The band has teamed up with us to give you a sneak peak at the production and the atmosphere on the band’s new album. Launch it at an advisable rate of decibels and get lost in their joyful, youthful and heartfelt whirl of emotions. Go to The Underneath through the player below.

The band issued the following statement:

B L U S H was written in a period of transition and it holds stories of love, loss, suicide, friendship, drugs and other things you go through in your mid 20’s. On B L U S H we aimed to translate these feelings into sounds that vary in intensity, but are all equally abrasive. Here is he first track off of B L U S H, the soundttrack of the hopeless kin. The swansong of all the loves that could have been. Of all the times of falling out and in and in again. The Underneath is about cleaning out the room after a long term relationship. Putting all the images in boxes, all the objects of love that you collected throughout the years. It goes further exploring the feelings of coping with transition, about assuming new love will make things easier, but it won’t. You find out you are lying to yourself and others just to cope with a feeling of loss. But hey at least we dare to admit it.

Maartje Buise from Smithsfood DIY commented on the record:

“Niek  (Mendville Shows) introduced us to ATLAS early 2015. For us it’s quite common to go by recommendation of trusted peers instead of regularly offered bands, so we got them to support Caravels and Octaves at Utrecht (NL). It clicked and upon seeing their studio updates on The Ranch studios in England, we decided to shoot them a new message. Being able to hear the final product of ‘Blush’ has been lightly mind blowing.  It’s very exciting to work on a full record like this one as opposed to the EPs  we mostly put out. Reception to the recent live sets have been so good as well. To go all melodramatic; it lifts the heavy hearts to see nice guys being asked about their new songs that they’re obviously so keen on having the audience hear. Not going to make the wait too long anymore now.”

Black Basset Records added:

“We discovered ATLAS nearly by accident, at an (impressive) show where they opened for LISTENER back in early 2014. It proved to be the beginning of a long love story with their music and we are deligthed to participate in Blush being unleashed on the world. The album has been on heavy rotation at ours since we’ve received the masters, and we’re pretty convinced it will strike a chord with whoever will take the time to listen to it.”

ATLAS promo

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