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Black Paintings – Budapest hardcore band HEARTLAPSE reveal new song and music video!

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Almost two year off our table, Hungarian metallized hardcore band HEARTLAPSE are back to our pages with new song and music video called “Black Painitings”! We’re stoked to give you the first airing of the video, the accompanying artwork and the band’s commentary below.

The song is inspired by the famous “Pinturas negras” created by Francisco Goya towards the end of his life. This series of paintings, still to this day, stands out for its brutality, darkness, and the modernity of the topics depicted.

Black Paintings

The lyrics are specially inspired by “Saturn Devouring His Son”, the primal battle between fathers and sons, and in general between old and new generations.

Quoting Jay Scott Morgan “As fathers, we fear not only that we might destroy our sons—through anger, jealousy, fear; through our sometimes desperate love; through a thousand seemingly small sins–but that we secretly intend to destroy them. We want to protect them from the monsters that inhabit their nightmares, only to discover among the faces of those monsters our own.”

Black Paintings

Asked about the video, tha band explaind: “The video instead is more ironic and grotesque; we added a bit of horror and our great acting skills! The idea of the fshermen came from our vocalist Luca, who grew up on Lake Garda and heard many legends about monstrous creatures living in its depths.”

Black Paintings

“Building up a storyline around this topic gave us the opportunity to represent metaphorically the sacrifces that many individuals need to make in order to survive during these hard times and have a decent life. Furthermore, global warming and extreme weather are the backdrop and frame of the whole clip, since last summer was one of the most hot and arid in centuries, and Lake Garda (as many others) reached one of its lowest points ever.”


“The filming was challenging in many ways, from the underwater scenes to the “dancing parts” which, even though are quite minimal, were a big deal for so uncoordinated people like us! Fun fact, the person who gets murdered and “dumped” in the lake is our former guitarist David, which helped us a great deal during the shooting.”

Black Paintings

“We’re going to fnish the year recording the new material we have, which will be released in 2023, plus we have one last concert planned with our friends from Anchorless Bodies, which just released a great album, and we’d like to recommend it to everyone.” – comments the band.

Heartlapse by Gergő Kőrösi-min

Catch the band live on November 12th at Durer Kert venue in Budapest, alongside Hungarian melodic hardcore/punk powerhouse Anchorless Bodies, Hypocrites Breed and Black Particles. Get your tickets here.

Heartlapse gig min

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