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BONEFLOWER and GILLIAN CARTER share their contributions to the massive screamo compilation “Balladeers, Redefined”

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In a remarkable display of camaraderie within the screamo and screamy post hardcore-adjacent indie/hardcore community, renowned bands Boneflower and Gillian Carter have made their contributions to the highly anticipated compilation album “Balladeers, Redefined.”, revealed through our pages in early May.

The compilation, set to be released on July 14 by Secret Voice Records, a record label founded by Jeremy Bolm, features new and unreleased tracks from over 30 bands, including prominent names like Jeromes Dream, Gillian Carter, and Frail Body.

Initially conceived as a small collection of bands, “Balladeers, Redefined” quickly grew in scope as word of mouth spread throughout the tight-knit DIY network associated with screamo and related genres. The compilation became a testament to the allure and influence of this underground scene, with bands enthusiastically recommending and bringing their originality and brilliance to the project.

The compilation album encompasses both established and emerging artists from different locations and eras. Spearheading the sound are veteran bands such as Jeromes Dream, Zeta, Gillian Carter, Hundreds of AU (comprised of members from You and I), Nø Man (featuring members from Majority Rule), and Terminal Bliss (with members from Pg.99). They are joined by a roster of young and promising acts like Soul Glo, Record Setter, Infant Island, Boneflower, For Your Health, Slow Fire Pistol, Nuvolascura, Frail Body, Thirdface, Senza, Massa Nera, and many others.

“Balladeers, Redefined” presents a diverse tracklisting that showcases the breadth and depth of the screamo genre. From Nuvolascura’s haunting “Myriad” to Gillian Carter’s intense “Bastard of Light” and BONEFLOWER’s compelling “Pyrrhic Victories,” the album promises a captivating listening experience for fans and newcomers alike. With each band contributing their unique sonic landscapes, the compilation captures the essence and evolution of the screamo movement.

Music enthusiasts can pre-order “Balladeers, Redefined” on Secret Voice’s website, and it will be available in 2xLP and digital formats upon release.

Secret Voice is an independent record label founded by Jeremy Bolm, frontman of the influential band Touche Amore. The label focuses on releasing music that embodies the spirit of the DIY scene and features artists from various genres, including punk, hardcore, and screamo.

BONEFLOWER tour dates:


2- Córdoba @hangarcordoba with @viva.belgrado
13- Hamburg* @fabrikhamburg
15- Stockholm* @Hus7
17- Talin* @Paavil
18- Riga* @Tu jau zini kur
19- Vilnius* @sodas2123
20- Warsaw @ada__pulawska
21- Prague* @Futurum


3- Lyon* @Ninkasi Kao
5- Biarritz* @atabal_biarritz
6- Toulouse* @connexion_cafe
7- Barcelona* @lanaubcn


1- Queens, NY @Trans-Pecos
2- Rochester, NY^ @Bug jar
3- Kitchener, ON^ @TBA
5- Toronto, ON @newfriendsdiy FriendsFest


16- Madrid @salaelsol
* with @toucheamore
^ with @stayinsidebk

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