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LOMA PRIETA share another new track – listen to “Circular Saw”

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Screamy post-punk act LOMA PRIETA have captivated us once again with their latest single, “Circular Saw,” a mesmerizing track that seamlessly blends dreamy, clear tones with vintage, mellow vocals that evoke a sense of weariness. However, in a surprising twist, the song culminates in a frenetic, wild screamo outburst during its final 20 seconds, leaving listeners exhilarated and hungry for more.

Circular Saw” follows closely on the heels of their recent release, “Glare,” and is part of their highly anticipated album, “Last,” which has just been announced by Deathwish Inc.

Throughout their impressive career spanning nearly two decades, LOMA PRIETA has consistently pushed the boundaries of the post-punk sub-genre, transforming it into an elevated art form while staying true to its emotive essence. Each release from the band has served as a reflection of their personal growth, mirroring the complexities of the world we all inhabit.

Last,” the upcoming album, was meticulously recorded by the esteemed engineer Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios, known for his work with acclaimed bands like Deafheaven and Gouge Away. Consisting of eleven thought-provoking songs, the album took shape amidst the collective turbulence that the world has faced in recent years. Each track exudes palpable emotional tension, effortlessly oscillating between contemplative melodies and explosive bursts of sonic violence. The album serves as a powerful testament to the chaotic nature of the modern human experience.

LOMA PRIETA continues to push the boundaries of their sound, masterfully crafting music that challenges conventions and captivates audiences. Their ability to seamlessly blend contrasting elements, as showcased in “Circular Saw,” is a testament to their artistic vision and evolution.

Last” is set to be released via Deathwish Inc. in the near future, and fans can keep an eye out for further announcements regarding the album’s release date and pre-order information.

Catch LOMA PRIETA live at the following dates:

Loma Prieta tour
Loma Prieta tour

June 30, Friday – Ivy Room @ 7:00pm, Oakland, CA, United States
July 1, Saturday – Beat Kitchen @ 7:00pm, Chicago, IL, United States
July 2, Sunday – The Sanctuary @ 7:00pm, Detroit, MI, United States
July 3, Monday – Pyramid Scheme @ 7:00pm, Grand Rapids, MI, United States
July 4, Tuesday – The Garrison @ 7:00pm, Toronto, ON, Canada
July 5, Wednesday – Bar Le Ritz PDB @ 7:00pm, Montreal, QC, Canada
July 6, Thursday – Machines with Magnets @ 7:00pm, Pawtucket, RI, United States
July 7, Friday – TV Eye @ 7:00pm, Brooklyn, NY, United States
July 8, Saturday – Milk Boy @ 7:00pm, Philadelphia, PA, United States
July 9, Sunday – Metro Gallery @ 7:00pm, Baltimore, MD, United States

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