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“Boomerang” – gritty punk rockers SUPPORTIVE PARENTS bounc back with a sick new record and music video!

2,5 years after our 2014 interview, it’s a great pleasure to report that Minneapolis punk rockers from SUPPORTIVE PARENTS are back with a bunch of great news! Not only have they released a thrilling new record “Fuck It, Whatever”, but they are streaming a cool new music video “Boomerang”, shot by Cereal Films (with additional help from Henry Ariza and Brian Morris) at Lift Bridge Brewery, a cool brewery in Minnesota! We have teamed up with the band to share their thoughts on the video and show you some pics of the shoot setup!

Scroll down to hear the full record!

The band commented on both the concept of the song, as well the video itself:

As we prepared to release this video, our vocalist, Matt Webster, had planned to put together a small write up about this song and it’s meaning. Unfortunately he was unable to find the time to do so, so here is what we think the song might be about…

Boomerang tells the origin story of Daniel Smeed: Boy detective. As a child, Daniel’s parents were taken from him when they were mauled to death by a solitary panther who had escaped from the local zoo. Suddenly orphaned, Daniel was thrust into the gritty, soot covered streets of 17thcentury London, England. He found himself faced with two choices: Turn to a life of crime, or perish under the cruel thumb of poverty and starvation. In the face of nearly certain defeat, Daniel snatched a third option from the jaws of fate: Become a world famous boy detective and work to decode seemingly un-solvable mysteries.

…Or​ ​someone​ ​had some relationship that didn’t work out and so he wrote this song about that.

The video for Boomerang was shot at a Minnesota brewery called Lift Bridge. Webster has been friends with a guy named Kurtis from Cereal Films ​since way back​ and they’ve been discussing us doing a video together since Supportive Parents started.

Boomerang​, off our debut album “Fuck it, Whatever,”​ seemed like the perfect fit for a video concept Kurtis ha​d​ been wanting to do and Liftbridge was the perfect backdrop. And beverage supplier.

Fuck It, Whatever, the debut full-length from SUPPORTIVE PARENTS is a perfect treat for fans of SHOOK ONES, BANNER PILOT and DILLINGER FOUR! Their approach is highly energetic and their precision speaks volumes, making you want to come back for more replays. Intoxicating and addictive.

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