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Boston emotive screamo band REVERIES streaming new tracks

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Boston, Massachusetts’ screamy, emotive post hardcore band reveries just finished recording, mixing, and mastering their debut LP with the acclaimed producer Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios, and we’re stoked to give you the band’s first new singles off the record, along with the lyrics, and band’s first-hand commentary!

A lot of modern hardcore bands have a bad habit of looking backwards, and the same can be partly said of the new reveries, but it also proves that the past may well contain new and exciting paths forward. Both new tracks converse primarily through their great instrumental arrangements and enaging lyrics, delivered by a quickly maturing band to keep an eye on this year.

This record is a collection of thoughts on growth, adaption, and survival in a world that naturally pushes back. There are songs about growing older and more isolated, along with songs on losing loved ones, losing a home, and a bit on my own grievances and burdens. These confessions and moments of self-reflection have provided an incomparable therapy to me during the writing process, and it feels surreal to finally be able to share a finished product with others. / Mike Green

reveries’ s/t record, a moving and righteous piece of screamo-infused emotional post hardcore will be available in late March via Emocat Records (tape) and Ancient Injury (vinyl).

A Modern Invasion

Glass towers, twenty stories tall. A home only for the foreign tribes.
No Soil is left pure for the native man.

With a knife up to our throats, we were ripped out of our homes.
Burdens burning to the ground, but nothing left to call our own.
We have been robbed of our pride. Up in flames it goes.
Countless nights spent without sleep. Tired eyes, skeletons weak.
Demons grasping at our feet. Will we ever get relief?
We have been robbed of all our pride.

I can’t put the meat back on our bones.

An Undelivered Letter

Preaching your dreams and your aspirations, you tell the stories of a person that you wish to be.
Here I sit quietly, I will woolgather your fantasies.
I knit a blanket out of your hopes. I build a fire from your ambition.
And from your courage, I have built a dwelling large enough for two.
Come in close. Come in closer to me. Don’t you leave.

Hide within me. I will save you when the darkness falls.
Hide within me. I will scare off your demons.
Hide within me. Nobody will find us here.

Not once will depression reign supreme in your curious mind.
Trust me with your fair-skinned hand. Preserve it here in mine.
Let us race through these woods. Fight the tangles of overgrowth.
I will clear us a faultless path with a promise made that you will stay close to me.

Climb to the tops of the tallest of trees.
Conquer that rock on the highest of peaks.
Take a second, look to the stars. Realize then, that this world is ours.

reveries were mentioned in our last year’s interview with another great Boston band called DREAMWELL – go here to check it out.


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