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Boston vibrant noise rock punks MIRACLE BLOOD unveil new album “Melter” – listen!

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Two months after our recent single premiere, Boston, Massachusetts based alt noise rockers MIRACLE BLOOD are back to out pages, with the full stream of their new album “Melter”, mastered by Brad Boatright (The Armed, Sleep)!

Fusing manic energy, humor, and sarcasm with heaviness, the newest offering from MIRACLE BLOOD serves as a perfect treat for fans of Jesus Lizard, McLusky and Converge. The trio has been described as “equal parts noise rock, punk, and metal… with some of the most killer riffs imaginable” (If It’s Too Loud) and “prog/punk/grindcore/alternative/power violence” (Thrash N’ Bang).

Formed in 2014, the band has worked to create a sound that is unique to themselves taking influence from pretty much anything with heavily distorted guitars and loud drums. The release of the “This Message Contains No Content” EP in 2020 marked the solidification of their dissonant punk/noise rock sound. Since then, they have been featured on IDIOTEQ.com, NoEcho.net, Thrash N’ Bang, and If It’s Too Loud.

Miracle Blood’s first full-length album ‘Melter’ features the band’s best songs written and recorded over the first 6 years of their existence and shows both their unique style and range.

Miracle Blood is: Andrew Wong – Guitar, vocals, Garrett Young – Bass, Anthony Bollitier – Drums

Miracle Blood could have easily fizzled out when their drummer and one of their founding members announced that he was leaving the band. Instead, the band decided to push on. They have a new drummer and are releasing an album of previously recorded material entitled ‘Melter.’

The tracks on ‘Melter’ were recorded over the course of 6 years and include songs that span the band’s existence, including tracks recorded at several different studios, remotely during the pandemic, and even a well recorded demo. All have been remixed and remastered and work cohesively together. The album is dedicated to their former drummer, Tom, as well as their friends and fans who have helped keep things going.

Miracle Blood

Melter’ really serves as documentation of the band forming their sound.

“We kept going to the studio to record short EPs, because it made sense at the time. We needed to put something out, and it seemed like every few songs, our style was changing. After a while, it seemed like our music was going more and more in a dissonant, noisy direction. The goal was to come out with a full-length record once we had enough new material with that type of sound that was cohesive enough. During the pandemic we could have easily fizzled out, but we figured out a way to write and record remotely and get good results.” – Garrett Young (bass)

Once the band was finally able to practice together and play shows their drummer and one of the founding members announced he needed to leave the band. They were in the midst of writing and recording what would have been a full-length album, but only had 2 songs recorded.

“We really lucked out, though. We had a ton of support from friends and from the scene. Our friend, Rainy of Sapling, filled in on drums for a show that had been lined up for months. During rehearsal one day she said “it’s crazy that you all just have a bunch of small releases, have you thought about putting them all together into one thing?” So we went back and took the best tracks that helped define where we are now and that’s ‘Melter.’” – Andrew Wong (guitar, vocals)

The band has since found a permanent drummer and are still moving full-speed ahead.

“Losing a drummer is tough. They’re hard to replace. Especially since Tomoharu [Tamaki] was a founding member and took a big part in song writing, we were ready for finding a replacement to be a long, difficult process. We lucked out again when we found Anthony [Bollitier] only after about a month. He came in to audition and was barely out the door when we turned and were like ‘so… that dude?” – Young

The band is currently playing shows to promote Melter and working on their next full-length.

Miracle Blood

“Since we found a drummer so fast, it allowed us to never really stop writing. Our next release will take the sound established on ‘Melter’ in an even more focused direction. Our new drummer, Anthony, comes from a hardcore background and that has definitely been more present in the stuff we’ve been working on.” – Wong

Miracle Blood will be celebrating the release of ‘Melter’ on 10/6 at their favorite local spot, O’Brien’s, with fellow noise makers Bedtimemagic, Fracture Type, and Dropbear.

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