BRAINWRECK premieres new song; unveils awesome artwork!

BRAINWRECK, who have recently joined Life To Live Records’ roster, are streaming their new song called “Solitude”, off of the upcoming 7″. The artwork for this outing is handled by the legend Ed Repka (MEGADETH, TOXIC HOLOCAUST, NOFX, and more). Lookout for pre-orders soon!

Here’s the newest message from the band regarding some shit talk that apparently rose up recently:

Just to clear up some confusion and for the shit talkers, our band name and record name was a huge coincidence that the band IRON AGE has songs called Brainwreck and Evil Ways. Shut up and stop taking hardcore so seriously, who gives a shit about the name, we’re not playing the same songs as them so sit down.

Live photo by David Beyerlein Photography.

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