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Brazilian d-beat crust punks DETËSTO teasing new releases

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Since its official inception in February 2017, Detësto, a d-beat / crust hardcore band hailing from Campinas, São Paulo in Brazil, has released a bunch of recordings, and this year, they have several exciting projects lined up including a tape split with Swedish band Defekt, a CD split with Indonesian band Immoral, also scheduled for 2023, as well as a compilation LP vinyl set to be out in 2024.

Their sound draws heavily from 90s Swedish crust / d-beat bands and the European hardcore of the 80s, and their lyrics often explore themes of death, pain, and war. Originally composed of Wallas on vocals, Michel on drums, and Helião on guitar, with a guest friend helping on bass, the current line-up includes Wallas (vocals), Michel (drums), Ziggy (guitar), and Ratö (bass).

The band is actively recording new songs, with plans to release them in the first half of 2023.

In the meantime, fans can look forward to catching Detësto’s dynamic performances in various gigs throughout the year, with appearances planned in Sumaré, Campinas, Salto, Diadema, and Sorocaba. Check out the full list of shows below:

May 27, 2023 – Sumaré
June 10, 2023 – Campinas
July 29, 2023 – Salto
December 2, 2023 – Diadema
December 10, 2023 – Sorocaba

Drawing clear inspiration from brutal Swedish acts like Wolfpack, Disfear, and the Uncurbed, Detesto injects a modern spin with reverberated vocals and intermittent mosh grooves. The band’s prodigious talent is captured perfectly in the masterful production, featuring guitars that scream with metallic distortion, bass notes that rumble with cataclysmic distortion, heavy and dense drumming, and vocals that echo from a reverb-drenched abyss.

Coupled with Sugi’s outstanding cover art, this release stands as one of the most striking renditions of the genre in recent times.

Their most recent EP, the self-titled, is available via Baltimore’s SPHC Records.

Here’s a chronological listing of Detësto’s discography and upcoming releases so far:

  1. “The Stench of Death” – CDR EP (2017, Brazil)
  2. “O som do Abismo” – Compilation CDR (2017, Brazil)
  3. “Horrendous Grindcore Freak” Compilation Vol.3 CD (2018, Brazil)
  4. Split with Skarnio – Tape (2019, Brazil)
  5. “DIY Conspiracy Vol.1” – Compilation Tape (2021, Bulgaria)
  6. “2020 Studio Trax” – Tape (2021, Colombia)
  7. “D-Beating Vol.2” – Compilation Tape/CD (2021, Portugal)
  8. “The Varukers Tributo” – Compilation CD (2021, Brazil)
  9. “Short Music for Freak People” – Compilation CD (2021, Mexico)
  10. “Дибит 2020” – Tape (2021, Russia)
  11. Split with Immoral – Tape (2022, Indonesia)
  12. “Self-titled” – 7″ vinyl (2022, USA)

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