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Singapore heavy hardcore band WRECKONIZE teasing new EP with “Tried & True”

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In a strikingly defiant slap in the face, Singaporean hardcore band, Wreckonize, continues to set new benchmarks in the heavy hardcore gane with the announcement of their latest EP, “Tried And True“. A testament to the band’s unyielding commitment to hardcore music, this EP serves as a fiery fusion of their distinct Lion City Hardcore energy and the raw intensity of 90s New York Hardcore.

Leading the charge on this audacious EP is the title track, “Tried And True”. The song emerges as a powerful anthem expressing the band’s uncompromising authenticity and their disdain for superficiality.

Its trenchant lyrics – “Tried and true, we’re nothing like you. Turn your back, we see right through you” – serve as a battle cry for those steadfast in their refusal to adhere to societal norms, and a testament to their unwavering loyalty to hardcore.

The full EP will be ready for streaming from 21st June 2023 via Divided We Fall Records.

Wreckonize, a hardcore collective birthed in Singapore, brings together members from other notable bands like Losing End and Fuel.

With a sound deeply entrenched in the 90s NYHC aesthetic and injected with their unique LCHC energy, they recommend their music best enjoyed fresh with a side of spin kicks.


The imminent release of “Tried And True” promises to further establish Lion City Hardcore’s presence in the international hardcore scene.

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