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Brooklyn indie band TRASH GENDAR premiere new track!

NY based psych/dreampop/artrock band TRASH GENDAR have joined our ranks to give you a foretaste of their second EP “Once, Child”, coming later this month on September 9th! A followup to 2015’s Mass Canon, the new record introduces the band as a four-piece and this new single finds them exploring fresh sounds and reaching new heights thanks to their unique ability to bridge the pop and alt rock worlds with a style. Perfectly timed for Summer chill and pre-Autumn maladies, ‘Birdwatchers’ sets the table for a thoroughly quality and emotional listening experience.
The band commented:

When we found each other about a year ago, this EP gained sentience and assembled itself through a series of happy, creative accidents. Once, Child isn’t always easy, but we are happy to have it and excited to see where it goes. We have divergent tastes in music, but we find that they miraculously congeal to form conversational lyrics, odd timings, and sour transitions. Pull up a chair, and watch birds with us.

Stream and download another new song called “Crater”:


still you are home in a cave
hieroglyphs float at the walls
but your palms have marked them all
and your marks have palmed their awe

and you drift
and you float
and you pull the roots of everything you know

we pretend we got it
sleep state goes on and on

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